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The Chinese Academy of Engineering ke-song zhou to visit the guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co. , LTD

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the Chinese Academy of Engineering ke-song zhou to visit the guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co. , LTD. , 14 May 12 solstice of foshan, always let a person remember the Italian painter Raphael's masterpiece 'the school of Athens'. Painting, famous scholars from different regions, different schools gathered, schools of thought contend, communicate with each other with the essence of human wisdom. The science and technology is popular the national interest, technology strong a country is strong. A city of science and technology innovation level, determines its industry development level, also decided the power of its economic and social development. Foshan innovation-driven development strategy, the right time, they have the potential. In just the past three days, from all over the country more than 50 academicians to the forefront of science and technology innovation achievements at home and abroad and thought to foshan, foshan, the traditional manufacturing, accelerates towards power at the national center for manufacturing innovation. And subsoil holdout in foshan, a collection of entity economy, is undoubtedly the party's biggest benefit groups, member of the expert team initiative into enterprises at the same time, foshan enterprises also tightly grasp this rare opportunity, the high-speed train on science and technology innovation development. Academician of BSFLP enterprise quickly take 13 afternoon, the Chinese Academy of Engineering ke-song zhou a line to sanshui to visit the domestic aluminum leading enterprises, the guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co. , LTD. Aluminum profile as a domestic leading in the field of material surface engineering, ke-song zhou said: & other; Hope the member of our team and the phoenix aluminum, can on the improvement of the technology research and development of aluminum surface, have a more in-depth discussion. ” The guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co. , LTD. , vice general manager zhi-ming liu take immediately: & other; Environmental requirements more and more severe, academician in material process improvements can provide relevant technical support? ” Ke-song zhou said that the two sides to explore cooperation in the field, fighting for the member of team of scientific research achievements for the enterprise to improve product quality, achieve green development play a role. In & other; Member companies throughout the &; Another event, in the face of foshan lighting technology minister Lin Qing & other LED throughout the development direction of the future &; “ OLED is next generation lighting technology & throughout; “ How to explore the profit growth throughout space &; , member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, physicist Qin Guogang from front-end technology products research and development and application of semiconductor material Angle to respond. “ Lighting brightness to a certain extent, reflects the developed degree of a region and the level of people's lives. ” Qin Guogang said, lighting industry development prospect is wide, the future enterprise should be independent product front-end technology research and development direction and thinking for aluminum profile, find the breakthrough point, do a good job in the protection of intellectual property rights, explore the international market for products with brand and technical support. In fact, in the third member of guangdong during peak annual meeting held, member of the team to visit enterprise story happen every day. 12 evening, huan-bin liu foreign academician of the Russian academy of engineering academician of team members, south China university of technology researcher to get dongpeng ceramic Li Jigeng is specially. As one of the top ten brands of domestic ceramic tile dongpeng ceramic, already introduced by huan-bin liu academician team research and development of intelligent information platform, realize the intelligent energy management, and Li Jigeng coming here is to conduct business with the enterprise. Companies active member of the door support the annual meeting of the member of the peak, science and technology brought about by the higher-ups frontier concept, cutting-edge technology, make foshan enterprises feel excited. Operating international summit in China's intellectual property rights foshan city mingtai biological technology co. , LTD. , general manager of jinxin Li Hanlong arrived at the venue early and listen to the experts at home and abroad to share of the operation of intellectual property rights. After the meeting, Li Hanlong actively find academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, biological medicine related team leader, detailed understanding of anti-cancer drugs development and prospect of biotechnology in domestic. “ We now have an anti-cancer drug patents, very hope to get the opinions of the professional team and guidance, to promote the company's products and technology development abroad. ” Li Hanlong said. Foshan enterprises in their clinging to the face to face with academician team opportunities, actively establish a connection. A joint meeting of scientific and technological achievements, foshan force Jin Min innovation center, deputy general manager by the organizers, active docking xing-dan Chen academicians team and professor zhang hui, sincerely express the intention of cooperation. “ Is a unit of research institute of tsinghua university in shenzhen, we hope to be able to introduce high-end technology team, refining high-end requirements, together with the enterprise to realize the production of high-end demand, promote enterprise upgrading product quality and the grade. ” Jin Min said. “ I work in a plastic Buddha is mainly responsible for research and development of science and technology innovation, this time, is to want to know. ” , Buddha plastic science and technology deputy chief engineer yong-hong li got windfall, Cao Yong member of team of OLED polymer materials research along with Buddha plastic science and technology research and development direction, & other; Looking for a chance to look at their company, further explore the & throughout; 。
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