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The characteristics of nano-sized alumina features

by:AAG     2020-11-08

nano-sized alumina the characteristic features of this product with a white fluffy powder, according to the crystal shape is mainly divided into HTAl - 01,α- nmAl2O3; Particle size & le; 80 nm, specific surface area < 10 m2 / g; HTAl - 02年,γ- nm Al2O3; 3030 aluminum particle size & le; 20 nm, specific surface area & le; 200 m2 / g, uniform particle size distribution, high purity. 03 ~ 09 said models using different forms of surface treatment. The characteristics of nano alumina due to the small particle size, can be used to make artificial gemstones, analytical reagent and nano-sized catalyst and carrier, used in luminescent material can greatly improve the luminous intensity, for ceramics, rubber toughening and is several times higher than normal alumina, especially improve the density of ceramic, degree of finish, cold and hot fatigue, etc. 3030 aluminum nanometer alumina is mainly used for main parts and integration YGA laser crystal substrate 3030 aluminum extrusions, and used in coating to improve the wear resistance. Technical characteristics model appearance content ( %) The average particle size ( nm) Specific surface area ( M2/g) HTAL - crystal shape/surface treatment characteristics White powder 99 01. 9 < 100通用电气; Alpha - 12 - HTAL - hydrophilic type 02 white powder 99 20 & ge; Gamma phase - 160 - HTAL - hydrophilic type 03 - white powder - < 160 - - Stearic acid treatment, alpha phase HTAL - oil wet type 04 - white powder - 80 - - Aluminum acid ester type oil wet, alpha HTAL - 05 - white powder - 80 - - Titanate processing oil wet type, alpha HTAL - 06 - white powder - 10 - - Aluminum hydroxide oil-wet type, alpha suggested usage generally recommended dosage is 1 ~ 5%, 3030 aluminum users should according to different system decided by experiments in the optimum adding amount. Application scope: 1, transparent ceramics, EP - high pressure sodium lamp tubes ROM the window. 2, cosmetic packing. 3, single crystal, ruby, sapphire, white stones, yttrium aluminum garnet. 4, high strength and alumina ceramic, C substrate, encapsulation materials, cutting tool, high purity crucible, around the axis, bombarding target, furnace tube. 5, precision polishing materials, glass products, metal products, semiconductor material, plastic, tape, grinding zone. 6, coating, rubber, plastic wear-resisting reinforced material, advanced waterproof material. 7, vapor deposition materials, fluorescent material, special glass, composite material and resin material. 8, catalyst, catalytic carrier, analytical reagent. 9, the space plane wing leading edge.
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