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The characteristics of industrial aluminum framework

by:AAG     2020-11-15
Industrial aluminum framework is one of the extension of industrial aluminum which has been widely used products. Can be used to make all sorts of equipment support, bearing frame, etc. High quality industrial aluminium profile have qualitative light, anticorrosive wearing, etc. It made of high quality industrial aluminium profiles framework what are the characteristics? 1, reasonable structure, high flatness. Excellent industrial aluminum frame structure to be reasonable, and the surface roughness is higher, no concave and convex uneven phenomenon. In this way can the aluminum frame will force uniform, prolong service life and avoid bending deformation. 2, whole is tonal and unified. Excellent industrial aluminum framework should be overall and tonal unity. This requires the user in the difference between a frame aluminium profile. Excellent aluminum is after surface treatment, the framework of common color have silvery white, black, gold, stainless steel, color and so on. If using recycled aluminum produced framework aluminum surface will appear dark, and the uneven colors. Want to aluminum frame is beautiful beautiful, remember to use color aluminum to build the framework of unity. 3, the connection position precision, no big gap extended aluminum products are used in industrial aluminum parts connection. Industrial aluminum framework is often used is a built-in connection. Excellent aluminum frame connection parts contact precision gap is small. 4, safe and stable not rock. Built solid aluminum frame to achieve security not rock and good bearing capacity. This framework and the quality of the aluminum and the overall frame structure, the connection is a relevance. So early in the custom solutions, remember to choose the reasonable structure of aluminum model and reasonable framework, and after the installation is complete to check whether loose connection part regularly.
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