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The cause of the aluminum sheet products to take off the lacquer

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the cause of the aluminum sheet products to take off the lacquer, believe that everyone is no stranger to take off the paint, and paint after a particularly ugly appearance, and also to have certain influence on use, so, in the order of aluminum sheet products, we must choose qualified standard of aluminum veneer products, aluminum veneer the color of product is very monotonous, but aluminum veneer products own characteristics can be carried out on the surface treatment, and spraying, through spraying achieve the result that you want in the future. Aluminum veneer products with low but there are many appear in using peeling, falling phenomenon, very affect the structure of the decorative effect, although laboratory bench aluminum veneer products will not be rusty, but still affect use, so, why do some aluminum veneer products appear such effect, have some of the reasons for the following. First of all, it is possible that some manufacturer blind pursuit of low efficiency for spraying link request, causes the surface dirt, chemicals such as not clean, leading to the paint film is not very good in aluminum plate surface, so it can appear such circumstance, the second is after the film coating, which is one of the cause of coating fall off, so the spray aluminum veneer of the product is very important, cannot careless. Aluminum veneer products to take off the lacquer paint film caused the reason mainly is all sorts of reasons can't good covering on the surface of aluminum sheet, followed by spraying spraying technology's incompetence too thick or too thin, both of which are the most important reason to take off the lacquer, so on the choice of aluminum veneer manufacturer must choose spraying effect is good, skillful, we are delfin wide line, we have advanced equipment, and first-class technology can provide you with satisfactory products.
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