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The auto industry, the APS power! | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

A P S in our country is still developing country, in the 19th century industry is given priority to with steel structure in our country, then developed European industrial use new materials - already - - - - - Lu: xingcai, Before new materials for steel structure is convenient, concise, recycled & hellip; … ) 。 In the early 20th century our company introduced the advanced equipment and technology, to create their own brand APS ( Industrial aluminium profile for short) , our company in the industry to pursue high quality, high demand, high quality, and is unanimously recognized in many well-known enterprises ( Siemens, Shanghai Volkswagen & hellip; … ) And so we have in the aluminum industry has gone through 12 years, we are still in original & other High quality, high demand, high service & throughout; Do better for target, let our old customers use the rest assured, let new customers with the chang heart, we will do better in the 21st century. The auto industry, the APS power! New energy vehicles: just as its name implies is in addition to the original fuel for cars, now new energy mainly hydrogen, pure battery, hybrid three mainly. The new energy car what is the relationship between industrial aluminium profile? Saic to cooperate with our company for many years, because of the mess now air environment and the Middle East, saic now also accelerate and increased the manufacturing of new energy vehicles in hydrogen cylinder and battery is very heavy, so to speed up the manufacture of new energy vehicles brought in a lot of inconvenience, also greatly reduce the productivity, the car is also so we do for its convenient transportation and assembly & other; Tooling throughout the car &; 。 Why it would be so trust the APS in saic and our cooperation on the quality of our company profile and also in appearance, technical proficiency and solutions is very recognition. w。 kay
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