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The APS with zhejiang university aluminum hydroponic vegetables cultivation project | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

zhejiang university was founded in 1897, the predecessor & quot; Qiushi academy & quot; , is one of the modern higher learning of Chinese earliest founded. Is the first country & quot; 211 engineering & quot; And & quot; 985 engineering & quot; One of the key university construction. Existing five is an affiliated teaching experiment farm of nine research institute. Institute of vegetable research institute, zhejiang university in 2003 with the APS, completed today the largest & other; Plant vegetables soilless cultivation frame & throughout; For domestic high efficiency, no pollution, healthy organic vegetable production provides the positive energy. Aluminum indoor soilless cultivation application field aluminum vegetables ( The corner) And APS construction site map aluminum frame hydroponic vegetables cultivation display rack, The corner) APS biti, the aluminum frame experts tailored to meet all your aluminum custom demand, more contact 4009 - framework application cases 219 - 619
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