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The application of nano aluminum oxide in fine ceramics

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the application of nano aluminum oxide in fine ceramics, nano aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) Function from the perspective of structural ceramics, nano aluminum oxide fine ceramics can be divided into the wear parts, aluminum parts, refractory components structure and carrier, acid-resistant parts, insulating parts and so on. In terms of function, nano aluminum oxide with electrical, optical, chemical, biological, sound absorption, thermal, mechanical and other functions. Table 1 nano aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) The function of fine ceramics function used integrated circuit substrate, encapsulation, spark plugs, Na - S batteries, sensors, solid electrolyte. Optical functional high-pressure sodium vapor lamp luminous tubes, laser materials. Chemical control of chemical reaction function, purifying exhaust gases, catalyst carrier, solid enzyme carrier, corrosion resistant material. Biological function of artificial bone, artificial root function of thermal heat, heat insulation structure material mechanics function of grinding materials, cutting materials, bearings, precision machinery parts and components. Second, the nanometer aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) The application of fine ceramics with nano aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) As the main raw material of nano aluminum oxide fine ceramics, because has a variety of functions, in the field of high-tech technology and has been applied in many industries, the paper gives a brief introduction is as follows: 1, the application in the electronics industry ( 1) Chip encapsulation with ceramic multilayer substrate, encapsulation of nano aluminum oxide ceramic multilayer substrate manufacturing method has the green laminated thick film printing method, method, green printing method, hybrid method and so on four kinds of thickness of film. ( 2) High pressure sodium lamp luminous tube: by polycrystalline opaque formed by aluminum oxide nano aluminum oxide transparent body, used in high pressure sodium lamp luminous tube, lighting efficiency is twice of the mercury lamp, so as to explore a new way of improving the efficiency of lighting. Transparent nano aluminum oxide fine ceramics not only can be pervious to light, and high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation, high strength, this article from the network ceramic dielectric loss small, such as performance, China is a kind of excellent optical ceramic, also can make the microwave window, etc. ( 3) Nano aluminum oxide ceramic sensors: use of nano aluminum oxide ceramic grain, grain boundary and porosity structure characteristics and the characteristics as sensitive element, aluminum used in high temperature and corrosive gas environment, make the detection and control of information accurately and quickly. Look from the types of applications, such as temperature, gas and temperature sensor. 2, biological nanometer aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) Nano aluminum oxide ceramic polycrystalline as biological functional materials and applied to the human body is 1969, nano aluminum oxide fine ceramics used in medical engineering, which has two kinds of single crystal and sintering of polycrystal. Now, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands are polycrystalline nanometer aluminum oxide is widely used in making artificial teeth and artificial bone, medical materials mainly of nano aluminum oxide, used in root, joints, nano aluminum oxide fine ceramics and the tissues of the human body contact Angle is the most close to human dental materials. So far for medical engineering of biological ceramic has more than 20 kinds, nano aluminum oxide is to use one of the most frequently. 3, nano aluminum oxide ( VK - L05C) The hardness of nano aluminum oxide ceramic cutting tool, Hr) For 2700 ~ 3000, young's modulus ( kg/mm2) From 35000 to 41000. Thermal conductivity coefficient of 0. 75-1. 35× 103J/m? h ? ℃, thermal expansion coefficient of 8. 5× 10 - 6/℃( At room temperature to 1000 ℃) 。 People in the use of these features at the same time, and developed the Al2O3 ~ TiO2, Al2O3 - ZrO2 ceramic, so as to improve the toughness and heat resistance of nano aluminum oxide ceramic cutting tool to impact, meet the need of high speed cutting. The grain size composition of Al2O3 in sintering process of nano aluminum oxide grain size control is a very important part in determining the quality of the cutting tool, if using the hot isostatic pressing sintering ( HIP) , can make the grain size of 0. 3 to 0. 5 microns. The flexural strength of nano aluminum oxide tool can be increased to 900 ~ 1000 mpa.
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