Aluminum tube and square

The anchor Angle a

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Anchor Angle is used in industrial aluminum and aluminum orthogonal connection fittings, external connection fittings, the biggest benefit is quite strong in the installation process, apply more extensive, intensity bigger, connection strong beautiful practical main products are: industrial aluminum profiles and accessories, assembly line profiles, profiles, aluminum, aluminum alloy, bolt, nut, built-in fittings, built-in fittings, elastic fasteners, Angle of groove fittings, Angle, Angle of the anchor parts, seals, u-shaped adornment, castor, hooves, lifting eyebolt, hinge, Angle fitting, fitting a word, flat, rectangular connectors, triangle fittings, steering Angle, baffle plate is fixed, handle, hinge, door stopper, end connection plate, etc
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