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The aluminium industry off-season will suppress prices surged

by:AAG     2020-11-06

shandong zhuo and examined 15 shandong aluminum enterprises, the annual output over 100000 tons of large enterprises operating at about 71%, rose 3% month-on-month. Annual production of 5 - 100000 tons of medium-sized aluminum processing enterprises operating at about 46%, fell by 2%; Annual production of 1 - 50000 tons of aluminum processing enterprises operating at about 15%, fell 3%. From starts we can see a slight drop in aluminum enterprises starts this month is may, small and medium-sized aluminum enterprises starts fell slightly, environmental protection is still the main stress of aluminum enterprises, small and medium-sized aluminum enterprises more than the current aluminum alloy with paint waste is prohibited. Large companies rose slightly, but smaller. In the second half of 2017, China's property market will be in & other; Five limit & throughout; Under the influence of policy from a second-tier cities to three or four line city. Aluminum three or four line city house prices is still expected to rise, will also be a brand of real estate enterprises to expand the size of the ideal, the aluminum share sales will also be from a second-tier cities to cities in the three or four lines. Zhuo and is expected to aluminum starts in July 2017 to maintain low, low season at 7 In August. Aluminium industry off-season will restrain prices surged around the country this month aluminium scrap prices rose slightly, aluminium scrap bright line this month, the lowest price 11600 yuan/ton, the highest price 11800 yuan/ton, the average price in 11678 yuan/ton, rising from 28 yuan/ton, up from 0. 24%. Scrap aluminum alloy doors and Windows material this month, the lowest price 9900 yuan/ton, the highest price 10200 yuan/ton, the average price in 10104 yuan/ton, from rose 474 yuan/ton, up to 4. 92%. Aluminium scrap whole supply tight this month, profit space is limited. Weiqiao, kayuen large aluminum companies such as production for merchants to supply side reform expectations, also affected by the environmental protection check, smelters, aluminium scrap market shortage of serious pull prices rose slightly. Third, off-season effect, the environmental protection check constraints for aluminium scrap play a role. Zhuo and aluminium scrap market price in July is expected in the aluminum industry off-season fell slightly under 100 - 200 yuan/ton. Aluminum industry off-season will restrain prices surged domestic aluminum alloy ingot ADC12 gb this month average price 14059 yuan/ton, compared with 2017 in May fell 46 yuan/ton, fell 0. 33%, average price is 14105 yuan/ton, last month from the price of aluminum alloy ingot present declines slightly this month. Aluminum environmental inspections in June is still unabated, shandong regional environmental protection efforts have increased signs, seven transport channel city will become a check point in the future. Capacity utilization aspects: present the downward trend of aluminum alloy ingot market starts this month. Have an aptitude for production of the nation's recycled aluminum alloy ingot enterprises starts at 63%, aluminum but small smelters starts only remain at around 20%. Langfang, hebei baoding greiner, shandong, henan, more small smelting banned off or rectification large area, on the whole environmental protection equipment, metallurgical products cannot smoke, lead to waste aluminum cans and oil machine is no longer a aluminum alloy ingot enterprises procurement. The aluminium scrap the stock market results in the smelting plant raw materials procurement, off-season effect is not obvious in June. But as the coming July, aluminium scrap market are plentiful, demand will find smelter substantial decline. Zhuo and expected in July 2017, the domestic aluminum ingot prices fell slightly.
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