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The advantages of the balcony, do you know a few? | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

sealing balcony, refers to the balcony with the material such as glass and separated from the outside world. Seal the balcony can block the invasion of the noise, wind and rain, have the effect of heat preservation, can also through the window to see the world outside. After sealing balcony Windows let light and air into the room, not only it also have the effect of residents and external communication. Seal the balcony is not only beautiful, the key role is windproof, dustproof, heat preservation, waterproof, the combination is the role of the balcony. Below small make up for all comprehensive advantages and matters needing attention of inventory to seal the balcony! A, advantage ( 1) Security: in order now less stable society, seal the balcony, a layer of security to people's life more, have the effect of prevention. ( 2) Good ventilation effect: through the switch window can effectively adjust the indoor air. ( 3) Facilitate clean: the case of the sand dust, more conducive to clean at ordinary times. ( 4) Sealed heat preservation good: in the winter, can effectively keep the cold air out in the outside, have the effect of heat preservation. ( 5) After closed balcony, interior space can be removed with the door after the window is an organic whole repeatedly, is beneficial to overall consideration when the design, especially in the design of irregular room, should be taken to seal the balcony, in the form of the irregular space for overall design. Second, note 1, sealing balcony material choice: in general, sealing materials used in main model steel window, aluminium alloy window balcony, broken bridge aluminum gold window, solid-wooden window and hollow steel window, frameless window. A, model steel window: economical and practical, has the good air tightness, fire retardancy and corrosion resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation effect is better, but the color is single, and use a certain fixed number of year after the cause of the deformation of surface yellowing, form. B, aluminium alloy window: the weather resistance and anti-aging performance is good, price is low, less than other materials, insulating but stays color choice scope is little, only white and dark brown. C, broken bridge aluminum alloy Windows: has good weather resistance, thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation, anticorrosion, anti-theft hooves, airtight performance is very good, color is made of the lacquer that bake the long-term use of also won't rub off, long service life, the production cost is higher, so the price slightly more expensive. D, solid-wooden window: can produce a rich variety of modelling, colour diversity, can achieve a better decorative effect, but wood anti-aging ability is poor, vulnerable to the effects of cold heat expansion and produce change, anti-corrosion performance is poorer, the price usually according to the material. E and hollow steel window: sturdy, but production and processing is more tedious, production cycle is long, the installation process is also more complex. F, frameless window, daylighting is good, can realize the large area air convection, aesthetically pleasing, but the sealing performance and sound insulation effect is poorer. Note: (2, seal the balcony 1) Choose profile ( Tech, high-grade aluminum alloy, caigang) Must meet the national standards for the products, metal hooves and no distortion, no damage, no time points, hardware accessories. ( 2) Before installation, must clean up the dirt around the balcony, the residue, remove the original handrails or of the balcony for cementing. ( 3) Windows size should be smaller than the original balcony, especially window bottom, to 2 cm of space, filled with cotton elastic ore or special seal type foaming agent. Can prevent or change window frame and deformation, and to prevent water leakage. ( 4) Around the window frame after filling, and then do a waterproof layer, after being dry paste veneer, but spillway hole can not be stopped. ( 5) Installed with fasteners must choose special screw, window must remain vertical, horizontal, the error must not exceed 0. 3 mm. ( 6) After installing Windows and doors open or move without resistance.
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