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Technavio: expects 2019 global aluminum wire consumed 6. 76 million tons | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

the Technavio research published this month forecast, to 2019, the global industrial aluminum wire market consumption is expected to be close to 6. 76 million tons. Technavio Chandrakumar metal and mineral research department, chief analyst, & other; Due to the increasing countries such as China and India demand, industrial aluminum wire capacity in the asia-pacific region in the next few years will be a sustained growth trend. In India, for example, as a result of multiple domain investment growth, the Indian consumer confidence and the improvement of business environment will promote the demand growth of industrial aluminum wires. Electricity at the same time, the Indian manufacturing planning and everyone has 2019 plan deployment will be converted to the market demand for aluminium wire. ” Biggest application market: cable from the point of usage, in 2014, the global use of industrial aluminum wire cable market is 3. 96 million tons, accounting for 64 of the total. 29%. Aluminium cable is often used for power transmission and distribution field. But for now, aluminium cable is mainly used in low voltage electrical field. Electrical grade aluminum rods helps the aluminium cable production of transmission and distribution application, followed by alloy grade aluminum alloy rods. Now, as the overhead conductor material electrical level must be in conformity with ASTM - bar 233, BS 2627, H12/14 standard or any other customer requirements specifications. As aluminum material need to conform to ASTM - bar 233, BS 2627, H0 level standard, or any other customer requirements specifications. The second application market: mechanical application in 2014, the global mechanical application market consumption of 1. 2 million tons of industrial aluminum wire, occupies a total of 19. 48%. Industrial aluminum wire is often in the form of wire mesh or electric fence wire used in a variety of mechanical applications. This is mainly because aluminum corrosion, so the maintenance cost is low, can be used for different types of fencing, such as hook wire mesh, fence netting, etc. Third largest application market: DNA material aluminium is often used steel unit of material. In 2014, used for deoxidizing material of aluminum wire consumption accounts for the total 16. 23%. In the process of steelmaking, average aluminum consumption per ton crude steel production of standard in 0. 75 and three. Between 2 kg. Low quantity is usually associated with semi-finished steel, high quantity is finished steel need more aluminum wire. According to the prediction that by 2019, the iron and steel industry compound annual increase rate is about 2. 33% year-on-year, this means that within the market demand for aluminium wire rod will be steady growth. Shanghai than di industrial aluminum accessories co. , LTD. , was founded in 2004, the first European advanced industrial aluminum system technology is introduced into China, through technical innovation and production practice, founded the domestic industry's first APS brands with proprietary intellectual property rights, and formulated a series of industrial aluminum industry standards and related accessories. At present, the APS brand has developed into a domestic factory production line and leader in the field of industrial automation. Service hotline: 4009 219 - 619 phone: 021 - 67630551/67630561 qq: 2880260724 company mailbox: kf @ the aps. com. cn
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