Aluminum tube and square

T nut 4040 European standard aluminum coupling nut M4, M5 M6

by:AAG     2020-11-14
Industrial equipment co. , LTD is a professional sales: T nut block, elastic nuts, square nuts, T bolt, round head, industrial aluminum accessories - elastic fasteners, supply - Aluminum parts - The built-in connection - half shaft fittings - - - - - - - - Mainly used for various profiles and profiles connection. Supply fittings, T bolt, round head, elastic fasteners, square type nut block, elastic nut, T nut, the anchor Angle and steering Angle, Angle fittings, Angle groove fittings, built-in fittings, guide rail, activity hinge fittings, lifting eye, cover plate, flat sealing groove, u-shaped slot, handle, handle, door stopper, hinge hinge, caster, hooves, etc. Purpose: the parts is often used in the two profiles associated with right Angle, and is suitable for the need to often move profile connection.
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