Successfully develop a new type of aluminum - in our country Graphite double ion battery

by:AAG     2020-11-09

learn from shenzhen institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the hospital integrated functional thin film materials research centres - successfully developed a new type of aluminum Graphite double ion battery, can greatly enhance the use of electric cars performance. According to the research center of the introduction, the new AGDIB battery USES the cheap and easy of graphite alternatives to traditional lithium electricity high cost and transition metal oxides containing heavy metals or as lithium iron phosphate battery cathode material; Use aluminum foil at the same time as the battery cathode materials and negative fluid; With conventional lithium and carbonic acid solvent as electrolyte. The working principle is different from the traditional lithium-ion batteries, battery charging process, the anode graphite anion intercalated reaction, and aluminum - aluminum anode Lithium alloying reaction, discharge process, on the other hand. This new type of reaction mechanism not only significantly improves the working voltage of the battery, 3. 8 - 4. 6 v) , at the same time, greatly reduce the quality of the battery, volume, and the manufacturing cost, thus improve the energy density of the whole battery. The research center announced, preliminary estimates the type and quality of the whole battery of the battery energy density volume energy density to reach around 222 Wh/kg. 500 kg weight AGDIB the range of the battery can reach about 550 kilometers. Compared with traditional lithium-ion battery technology, this kind of battery has obvious advantages, not only about 40 - to reduce production costs 50%, at the same time improve the energy density at least 1. 3 - 2. 0 times. If this kind of aluminum - Graphite battery to achieve industrialization, will significantly improve the existing portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, as well as the use of new energy storage system performance. However, at present the battery technology also needs to be optimized, such as the need to further improve the cycle stability of the battery, etc. According to introducing, the results by Tang Yongbing researcher and research team members xiao-long zhang, sail, common research and development, related paper & other; 一种新型铝- 石墨双核 离子电池( A new type of aluminum - Graphite double ion battery) ” Online top journals published in Energy Materials Advanced Energy Materials, and two PCT has applied for patents and 1 Chinese invention patents. The research for innovative research team in guangdong province, shenzhen science and technology plan projects and national natural science fund project funding.
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