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by:AAG     2020-11-09

as a result of the steel structure bearing quality greatly due to the aluminum alloy structure, due to dependence on the bearing quality in the construction field, so the steel structure in the initial stage is widely used in the construction field. And the characteristics of aluminium in the field of industrial production has made full play. Especially in industrial aluminum products widely used in industry, in the electronic electric, petrochemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, machinery, mechanical and electrical, light industry, food industries and related research and development widely to apply. Precision aluminum on basic can guarantee 0. 2 mm even higher accuracy, and precision of steel material during installation using far and aluminum. Aluminum processing is convenient, you just need to simply cutting drilling screw, and general steel material processing, in addition to cutting, welding link is needed, in addition on the surface needs to be made from materials such as paint and antirust processing, still need to wait for air drying time, aluminum on the framework structures, speed and ease those of steel materials. In the subsequent maintenance, basic need not maintain, aluminum frame 20 years does not rust, keeping its original appearance, and the same each year the basic framework of iron material needs to be done antirust and maintenance, maintenance cost may be higher in outdoor environment. On repeated use, aluminum can reuse, the materials of iron rarely over time rarely repeated use, repeated use of the high cost of investment is needed, basically, recycling to remake. Thus it can be seen on aluminum in addition to the initial material cost is higher than aluminum and other precision, the difficulty of processing, processing time, maintenance, recycling is far better than the steel material. Jiang Jianyue
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