Southwest Africa's largest industrial aluminum factory project is progressing

by:AAG     2020-11-10

in southwest Africa's largest industrial aluminum plant project going smoothly by citic construction co. , LTD. ( Citic construction) In the capital, luanda, invest in the construction of citic, Angola) Industrial aluminum extrusion factory project going smoothly, now all workshop foundation construction has been completed, after the completion of the project will largely solve Angola's domestic demand for industrial aluminium profile, promote Angola industrial development. Citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum extrusion factory rendering. According to the deputy general manager, citic construction Liu Guigen Africa division general manager, citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum plant projects ground-broken in June this year, total cover an area of 20 hectares, the primary total investment of about $40 million, the main production of doors and Windows, curtain wall, power in areas such as the use of industrial aluminum, will march reaches producing in 2017, the first phase of annual output of 10000 tons is expected after the production of industrial aluminum, provide more than 500 jobs for Angola's local, this is Chinese companies in Angola, the largest single investment will also be a china-africa cooperation capacity in Angola's iconic companies. Profile factory construction projects progressed steadily. ( Zhang guoqing taken) Liu Guigen said, industrial aluminum in Angola has broad market, in the process of reconstruction is Angola industrial aluminum mainly rely on import, to 2020 Angola industrial aluminum demand is expected to reach 2. 790000 tons, citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum extrusion factory after the completion of the second phase, the total investment will reach $one hundred million, industrial aluminum production will reach 20000 tons per year, will largely improve the condition of Angola industrial aluminum mainly rely on import. Citic construction, deputy general manager, Africa region division general manager Liu Guigen ( Right) To the Chinese embassy in Angola commercial counsellor yong-jun li introduced engineering progress. ( Zhang guoqing taken) Citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum extrusion factory main workshop including casting workshop, extrusion workshop and spraying workshop, the main casting workshop foundation work has been completed, the ground of workshop part adopts steel structure. A few days ago, the Chinese embassy in Angola commercial counsellor yong-jun li to industrial aluminum plant site investigation project construction situation, Liu Guigen yong-jun li introduced the progress in engineering. Yong-jun li said, citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum factory is currently the largest in Angola profile of investment projects, project progress smoothly, hope that citic construction to strengthen risk control of industrial aluminum, further increase the quantity of industrial aluminum factory local employees to hire, making factory in Angola investment successful example of Chinese enterprises. Citic ( Angola) Industrial aluminum factory is located in luanda, Angola's largest industrial park - Ancient industrial park, got the angolan government actively supports the project construction, the angolan government has agreed to respectively industrial aluminum plant industry tax, capital gains tax and transfer tax reduction of 60%. In addition, a relatively complete industrial park in the inland waters, electricity and other infrastructure, Angola's government wants to introduce more foreign enterprises industrial park, actively participate in Angola's industrialization process, to provide more employment opportunities for local people.
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