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by:AAG     2020-11-09

abstract: the article discusses the & other; Solar & throughout; Aluminum mold in the electric spark forming machine auxiliary equipment, optimization of processing technology, increase in by positioning, and improve the copper electrode to ensure the accuracy of the mold, improve the mould quality and work efficiency. Key words: process; Positioning; Copper electrode; Quality; Efficiency; Introductions to the precision edm forming in the traditional processing technology, the original is to use a dial indicator for mold and electrode positioning points, the shape of the whole mold processing off together. Due to the adopted method in 4 points, its precision is higher, but its operation trival, long processing time. Due to human factors: playing table and touch the edge points in the time length is differ, and controlled precision degree is not high. Later slowly until now: the development of mould installation dimensions by fine milling machining center, and then processed by edm by using a feeler gauge to determine its position to processing the rest. Precision machining processing center, make the precision of the size of the mould periphery to a higher level, and reduce a lot of time on the clamping. But using a feeler to position the electrode machining, mold knife over part of the need to rough machining, and the rough machining part is entirely relying on personal experience and vision to locate, this leads to the inevitable deviation, for in some special mold is easy to appear quality problem. “ Solar & throughout; Aluminum mould for the surface quality, size, shape, etc are very high accuracy requirements, the above process, have been unable to effectively guarantee & other; Solar & throughout; Accuracy requirements, our company in order to improve & other; Solar & throughout; Mould machining efficiency and quality, reduce the labor intensity of workers, after repeated research and combined with the actual situation, summed up a set of more perfect processing technology, is only for your reference. 1 copper electrode copper electrode production is extremely important to mold, to & other; Solar & throughout; Mold is Paramount. The size of the copper electrode directly affects the & other; Solar aluminum & throughout; The precision of the mould and the quality. So in the production of copper electrode requires more sophisticated, smoothness and electrode of copper plate cut point of unreasonable declined the accuracy of electrode, such as ( Figure 1, right) The electrode is cut from the periphery, it produced deformation occur fault is easy to cause the electrode. Combining with the actual situation of our company, in production & other Solar & throughout; Electrode, will change the cut point inside the material, and in different parts of the original size increases 3 ~ 10 c. Its role in reducing fitter processing difficulty, improve the accuracy and quality of the die. Such as, Figure 1 left) Indicated by the red circle is cut point electrode, and the arrow part is respectively increased 3 ~ 6 c on the original size. In the production of copper electrode, will make the reference edge of profiles to the electrode size marking, forming the do to the electrode positioning using ( FIG. 2) 。 Figure 1, figure 22 fast accurate positioning in the electric spark forming processing, fast accurate positioning is a vital one. So how do you accomplish fast and precise positioning is our eternal theme. 2. 1 mold rapid precise mold positioning is mainly embodied in the mould and X, Y axis parallel to the reference edge. Has always been in edm mould, basically with a dial indicator to locate, such an approach is that no words in the precision, but the efficiency is very low, cannot meet the modern processing requirements. For this problem we did a series of process changes. In the first place in the process of machining center to increase a set of positioning pin hole drilling and milling ( Figure 3) , dowel Kong Ding in the mold filling any four points the center line. Secondly in edm machine worktable increases a positioning disk ( Figure 4 r) , positioning disk must be fixed on the workbench, and its cross slots with X, Y axis of table is in the parallel state. When processing the mould, the positioning pin hole on the pin, and then put the cross on the positioning pin on disc groove, can achieve rapid and accurate positioning. 2. 2 copper electrode fast accurate positioning electrode positioning points is adopted in the method of concept, but with the traditional four edges and different points of the method. Also by touch the edge to locate, but get rid of the method of operation in 4 points. The electrode straight after school, with the two electrodes on the profile of the die to the reference edge to touch the edge, then in accordance with the drawings on electrode number (marked by As shown in figure 2) Moving coordinates, can achieve fast and accurate positioning. 3 state of edm equipment directly affects the accuracy and efficiency of the aluminum mould processing, so the edm equipment maintenance and maintenance is particularly important. Such as, Figure 4 r) Cross positioning groove on the disc in the long run, there will be wear and walk like now, which affects the precision of the mould. Our company managers to formulate the edm equipment maintenance procedures: daily maintenance and maintenance regulations, month and annual maintenance regulations to protect each function of edm equipment. Conclusion: under the same device, a set of advanced processing technology decides the quality, efficiency and precision of the mould, and with the rising of the market for mould quality requirements, the processing technology of the mould is constantly optimized, to use the shortest possible time to work out the perfect mould. This article source: aluminum processing
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