Soft strip edge sealing strip with silver blue black DCR - special type aluminum tank sealing side 6 DCR - 8 DCR - 1

by:AAG     2020-11-14
City industrial equipment co. , LTD mainly sells aluminum strip and accessories including sealing side is our new open mold product points three series products are DCR DCU PXC DCR material for plastic models have DCR - used in aluminium profile surface decoration 6 DCR - 8 DCR - 10 DCU series is made of PVC used for organic glass models have DCU - plywood 都柏林城市大学8 - 10 PXC series PP material for PVC suitable for in cold weather not easy embrittlement color with black gray gray color models are: PXC - 6 PXC - 8 PXC - 10
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