SMM industrial aluminum in early August 18 - | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10
On August 18,

SMM industrial aluminum city - London early industrial aluminum began in 1692. 5 dollars/tons, in early industrial aluminum fell slightly, and then around the daily line is a narrow, into the European trading, industrial aluminum fluctuated violently, and center of gravity slowly rise, high hit 1697. 5 dollars/ton, the plate at the end of the shock to 1694. 5 dollars/ton. Volume was 526 to 15602 hands, holdings by 25063 to 747954 hands. Overnight, Shanghai industrial aluminum main open to 12455 yuan/ton, early bull strength increased 7000 hand positions, industrial aluminum plate of high prices rising rapidly night 12610 yuan/ton, then short high active game, industrial aluminum price back to - day moving average, the opening of storm a calm, long-short then cautiously, industrial aluminum price around - day moving average 12545 yuan/ton range trade, closed at 12530 yuan/ton. Volume was 22450 to 83676 hands, holdings in 9358 and 212212 hands. Shanghai industrial aluminum increased 226218 hand positions. Long enough kinetic energy, or make a little nap today, continue to measure on previous entity high, material within 12420 ~ 12630 yuan/ton. Backwardation 90 ~ 130 yuan/ton. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets LuoQiaoLing)
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