SMM basic metal aluminum spot trading day on June 2 | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

aluminum: overnight, Aaron aluminum in 1555 dollars/tons, aluminum plunge dragged down by falling oil and Shanghai, the plate, aluminum shocks down, low hit 1548 dollars/tons, there is still a strong defensive, enter the time in Europe and America, the dollar fell, Aaron aluminum rebounded around $1557 / ton, night, rumors that OPEC will reset the yield limit, return to $50 a barrel of crude oil, Aaron aluminum by boosting up, high hit 1580 dollars/tons, to 1570. 5 dollars/ton. Today, Aaron aluminum began in 1569. , by noon of $5 / ton, and plate, aluminum tight trading range, low hit 1565 dollars/tons, at noon, aluminum sharply to 1582. $5, afternoon aluminum high pressure dropped to $1571 / ton; In Europe and the United States, aluminium high and volatile, and as of now, Aaron aluminium 1573. 5 dollars/ton. Touch the 40 - day moving average on aluminum, 40 - day moving average to site, boot need night many important data and news. Evening pay attention to the United States in May the ADP data's guide to the dollar, the United States the week EIA for crude oil inventories and OPEC meeting, thus affecting the shape of the aluminum. Shanghai industrial aluminum frame production co. , LTD
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