SMM aluminum city early September 30th

by:AAG     2020-11-10
September 30,

SMM aluminum city - London early open at $1664 / ton, the trading by domestic Shanghai aluminum, aluminum clinch a deal the center of gravity slowly up, high hit 1674 dollars/tons, at the end of the dish Aaron, aluminum or aluminum into the European trading hours Aaron maintain dip direction, low touched $1656.5 / ton, the United States in the second quarter GDP better than expected, Aaron aluminium touch the low return to ma, closed at $1668.5 / ton. 496 volumes of 14226 hands, holdings in 2826 and 713301 hand. Overnight in Shanghai aluminum main 1612 contracts in 12370 yuan/ton, with the festival coming, the bulls risk aversion, main Shanghai aluminum, low hit 12280 yuan/ton, down touch 5 daily average line, short choose carefully positions, low prices on average daily line fluctuated violently, closed at 12305 yuan/ton, 93410 volumes of 18328 hands, 2554 holdings to 169776 hand. Focus on China gain new PMI data, before the last trading day, long-short unwind away risk aversion growing, days after operation of 12200 ~ 12400 yuan/ton. Physical premium 560-600 yuan/ton. (Shanghai non-ferrous nets LuoQiaoLing)
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