SME: their expectations, aluminium high strong shocks

by:AAG     2020-11-08

SME tip: in early trading yesterday prices affected by colored fall somewhat callback, but the raw material prices continue to rise, announced in henan, binzhou regions such as the heating season limit production policy support prices, pay attention to the recent inventory data. LME aluminium in the city after the close prices continue to shock slump to 2103. Price of $5, a late run to maintain tight trading range, closing at 2109 dollars, aluminum manufacturers fell $7532, or 1. 49%. Shanghai aluminum main 1711 contract overnight opened low open 16465 yuan after high pressure has dropped to 16365 yuan, then prices rebound developed aluminum manufacturers, rose to 16595 yuan, night price run tight trading range, closing price closed at 16540 yuan, down 115 yuan, or 0. 69%. Main technology on the surface, the Shanghai aluminum KDJ jin fork fork, MACD death, the market is still in the bull trend, prices remain near the rail in among sideways, aluminum, short-term overall up to down. ( Research and development of SME information center)
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