SME: pessimism, aluminium support below is stronger

by:AAG     2020-11-08

SME in early trading tip: the recent market crash, the main risk is from the macro in the face of the economic pessimism, but last Friday, non-ferrous metal in the rebound late in the collective. On the whole, the cost of electrolytic aluminium prices continue to be the raw material rising and heating season limit production support, still give priority to with strong shocks. LME aluminium in the city after the close prices rebound, aluminum specifications and concussion high at $2170, since the price near $2157 in plates, closing at $2160, up $3, or 0. 14%. Shanghai aluminum main 1711 contract overnight in early weak shock slump of 16340 yuan, since the price rebound in the bottom, closing price closed at 16515 yuan, lu: xingcai specifications fell 90 yuan, or 0. 54%. Technology on the surface, the Shanghai aluminum main KDJ dead fork fork, MACD's death, the market is still in the bull trend, price is below 16000 yuan, aluminum, short-term there is still space adjustment. ( Research and development of SME information center)
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