Six kinds of industrial aluminum function big PK, only don't choose the right!

by:AAG     2020-11-06

six industrial aluminum function big PK, only don't choose the right! 1. The first generation of traditional monolithic aluminum industrial advantages: monolithic industrial aluminum price is very cheap, is the most economic and practical industrial aluminium profile. Weakness: the problem is usually bad sealing, beautiful sex difference, cleaning is not convenient, once the basic cannot repair problems, and does not match with high-grade residence. 2. Developed in recent years the second generation of industrial aluminum: shutter industrial aluminium profile, stealth industrial aluminium profile, folding aluminum industrial advantages: need not when can away, save space, and to avoid long time exposed easily bad or dirty of trouble. Disadvantages: folding invisible industrial aluminum overall concision, because have borders and guide rail, to some extent, destroyed the structure of the window, make the window look bloated, if choose bad yarn, often because of a problem or no sewing good yarn, affect the service life. Drum yarn is by far the most popular. Its relatively long service life, the key is easy unpick and wash, beautiful and do not take a place, to solve the big problem in the actual use. 3. Imported from abroad of aluminum magnet industry, belongs to the third generation of industrial aluminum advantages: simple, easy removal, easy to clean, does not destroy the window structure, smooth crisp after installation. Disadvantages: easy to demagnetization, long period of time once the windy sealing is not guaranteed. 4. Stainless steel window screening, in ordinary nylon window screening of alternative product advantages: simple, fire prevention, rat bite, permeability and good safety. Weakness: the deformation caused by improper operation. 5. King kong yarn: stainless steel wire netting an updated version of advantages: high strength, simple powerful, shearing resistance, impact resistance and other excellent performance, truly reflects the guard against theft, insect-resistant, ventilation, beautiful, safe, etc. Disadvantages: expensive transformers yarn has advantages of good hardness, high strength, the advantages of both fixed on the wall or form, there will be enough good tolerance, not afraid of invasions. High quality aluminum alloy steel industry are all through the electrophoresis paint processing, does not fear the damp environment, corrosion of fierce to bask in the sun or bad environment. 6. The latest German patent window screening & ndash; : prevent mist haze screens advantages: not only has stronger than traditional window screening of pervious to light, durable and breathable without electricity namely powerful dust barrier function, is known as & other A magical window screening & throughout; 。 Weakness: the price is high, not security. Only for the use of SEO text without accuracy. Not as a reference.
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