Shanxi chinalco CRC issue of 43. 20000 tons of light alloy project has gone into operation conditions

by:AAG     2020-11-06

on January 20, from the luliang xingxian, within the territory of shanxi aluminum China resources co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; In the shanxi embellish & throughout; ) Run a period of 43, shanxi. 20000 tons of light alloy project as a key project of Shanxi Province, since construction began in May 2017, after more than seven months of intensive work, at present, the project already have production conditions. Aluminum which is biggest, shanxi aluminum industry development investment capacity of the largest projects, benchmarking for transformation and upgrading of aluminum industry development in our province to lay the solid foundation. Shanxi chinalco, China resources co. , LTD. Equipment engineering manager ginger into introduction, embellish a phase of the project planning and construction in shanxi 43. 20000 tons of light alloy and 2 & times; 660 - nw self-provided power plant project, low calorific value coal is chinalco, China resources coal, electricity, jin xishan combustion can power combining, innovation and development mode of cooperation and joint creation of a core project, is the symbol of the transformation and upgrading of chinalco implementation projects, aluminum is the key of the implementation of industrial transformation in Shanxi Province project. Project adopts the most advanced aluminum alloy, the most mature of 500000 amps pre-baked anode electrolytic production technology, the construction of 368 sets of electrolyzer, 4 set of electrolytic flue gas purification system, 1 220 kv power supply system, 250000 tons of anode assembly system and alumina belt conveyor, groove overhaul and other auxiliary facilities, to form a complete set of electrolytic production, overhaul, casting production system. At present, the factory district 1 and 8 area has been built, the rest 6 area is expected to be completed by the end of June this year. After all projects completed and put into operation, can realize the output value of more than 70 one hundred million yuan a year, paid about 600 million yuan of taxes, directly drive the employment of more than 1000 people. Shanxi chinalco said China resources co. , LTD. , electrolytic production manager h, aluminum product market prospect is very broad, is instead of the trend of steel, in shipping, transportation, infrastructure construction demand is growing. The project adopted the most mature, the most advanced domestic electrolytic aluminum technology, automation degree of the domestic leading, & other; Flat & throughout; Advanced and efficient management ways. Will become a new economic growth point of luliang region after the completion of the project, for the extension of aluminum products industry chain, driving the development of relevant industries, implementation of shanxi aluminum industrial transformation and upgrading is of great significance.
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