Series of carbonyl NieFen product technology research and development and industrialization

by:AAG     2020-11-11

series of carbonyl NieFen product technology research and development and industrialization of source: jinchuan group co. , LTD. Different from traditional electrolysis carbonyl nickel powder, atomized, reduction process in the production of metal nickel powder, belongs to the ultra fine, high purity, metal powder, new materials with special microstructure is mainly used with nickel - Hydrogen batteries, powder metallurgy, military electronic magnets, etc. Because the carbonyl nickel production technology is a high-tech sensitive technology, foreign to blockade of its technology, the domestic only the original of the 857 nuclear power plant to meet the needs of the military industry have had a few brand of small-scale production. Jinchuan group co. , LTD. Since 2000, on its own strength, joint design, and more than domestic research institutions, the carbonyl nickel powder production technology research has built large-scale carbonyl nickel powder production line, developed to meet different user requirements in the field of no. 4, NO6, NO9, next 11, N24 and N35 carbonyl nickel powder series, and successfully entered the European and American markets. Through the project implementation, the results form the following technical innovation: decomposition carbonyl nickel nucleation and directional growth technology, make the nickel powder, the apparent density, average particle size of the physical indexes such as controllable; The entrainment of liquid surface evaporation hybrid technology, merge the evaporation process of carbonyl nickel and nickel carbonyl process with the mixture of carbon monoxide, stabilized the enter of mixed gas concentration in the splitter; Nickel carbonyl resolver temperature field control technology, the use of splitter wall temperature and internal core temperature of reaction degree difference judgment, established the model of different type nickel powder production process; Efficient air pulse mixing powder technology used in carbonyl nickel powder mixing powder group and ensure the uniform product indicators, no segregation; The nickel plating resolver nozzle, eliminates the product of aluminum & amp; Nickel films, particles and other impurities. The results by 12 state authorized patents, the overall technology has reached the international leading level. Series of carbonyl nickel powder product technology research and development achievements transformation and industrialization application, economic benefit is obvious. As of June 2015, jinchuan, production of various grades of carbonyl nickel powder 1510 tons, total output value of 14478 new. 660000 yuan. The application of project results, broke the monopoly of carbonyl nickel powder products abroad, optimize the structure of China's nickel industry products, meet the demands of the domestic market; To promote the construction carbonylation metallurgy technology research and development base, enhance the international competitiveness of China's nickel refining industry; Led to the downstream nimh batteries, powder metallurgy and the development of magnetic materials and other industries, to ensure the safety of the strategic emerging industry new materials, project results can meet the demand of skeleton for medium and long-term science and technology development and the state's overall development strategy.
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