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by:AAG     2020-11-09

Zhu Xiaorui we often hear the phrase: & other; Be careful, pay attention to safety! ” 。 Although only a short six words, but behind this sentence contains too much meaning: it's both love and also remind, is more a kind of respect for life. Regardless of how much people to understand this sentence, but prevent the considerate of every enterprise must think of, and must be done. “ Safety & throughout; , between lips opening and closing, it is a very easily say it out of vocabulary, but it is very heavy. As the focus of industrial aluminum production than di Shanghai industrial aluminum fittings co. , LTD. , we also put the safety barrier of promotion in the important agenda, speak every year, month, grasp every day, all the talk. Start from the intravenous drip, strict, meticulous, hard for every enterprise build safety protection. Use industrial aluminum production protective fence has overall beautiful sex good, easy to tear open outfit, firm connection, long service life, can use again, and the advantage of free maintenance. Now we have a professional technical team can provide and carry out come to field measurements, the communication or telephone communication design selection, industrial aluminum security fence frame model with APS - in common choices 8 - Series, the APS - 4040 10 - And APS - 4545 series 5050 series aluminum production, protective plate according to different work environment are galvanized mesh, transparent organic glass, acrylic, PC board and aluminum sheet and plate colors to choose from, protective fence using custom package foot with the ground connection mode, whether it's profile connection or ground connection parts are very strong and beautiful. Shanghai than di industrial aluminum profile, with high-precision processing quality, perfect the door construction, installation, maintenance and worry-free after-sales service, for customers tailor-made, design, production of various kinds of safety barrier. Production safety starts from me, we will escort! Details of landing: WWW. aps。 com. cn。
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