scrap aluminum grades - how to sort and clean scrap aluminum to maximize its value

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal (
This means it won\'t draw a magnet)
This is lightweight.
There are several different grades of scrap aluminum, and the prices are different.
At most scrap stations, aluminum is broken down into the following grades: cast aluminum radiators (
Cleaning and pollution)Extrusions (
Cleaning and pollution)Wheels (
Clean, chrome plated)
Aluminum/copper radiator (
Cleaning and pollution)
The old SheetCast aluminum is very brittle, and when it breaks, large particles appear inside.
A large part of our production scale comes from auto parts.
Examples of cast iron automotive parts include transmission housing, engine cylinder head, and electronic cover.
Other miscellaneous items made of cast aluminum include barbecue covers, some hot plates and frying pans, and some light-duty cases.
The aluminum radiator can be brought to our yard in two forms of contamination or cleaning.
A clean aluminum radiator must remove all water tanks, hoses and steel and plastic.
Plastic Cans at both ends of the radiator usually contain steel, but sometimes they contain tubes made of aluminum or brass.
Extrusion is the process of passing the material through the mold to give it a specific shape, very much like a game
Pasta machine.
The most common form of aluminum extrusion we see is the window frame, but it is often used in other frame systems and structural applications.
The extrusion is broken down into a grade of contamination and cleaning and does not contain clean extrusion of steel, plastic, rubber or insulation.
There are two kinds of aluminum wheels, aluminum wheels and chrome-plated aluminum wheels.
The value of chrome-plated wheels is slightly lower than that of pure aluminum due to chromium contamination.
Due to the contamination of plastic and glue, wheels with plastic surface coverings are also considered chrome-plated.
The wheel price we listed assumes that the wheel weight, stem and center cap are still connected together.
If these have been removed from your wheels, please discuss with our scale operator who may raise your price.
The aluminum siding also includes sinks, downpipes and other flat aluminum products.
To obtain the price of the aluminum siding, the material shall not contain steel, foam, tar, insulation or any other contamination.
There are aluminum/copper radiators in the air conditioning equipment.
They are copper tubes surrounded by aluminum sheets.
A clean aluminium/copper radiator will not contain steel flanges.
If the steel flange of the dirty aluminum/copper radiator is cut off, the rest of the radiator can be sold cleanly, and if the flange still contains some aluminum and copper, it can be sold as aluminum breakage.
The old sheet is the lowest grade of scrap aluminum, and so far almost all that is not mentioned belong to this category.
Some common aluminum plates include Pan bowl pans pots, cans of cans, lawn chairs and screens.
Wall panels containing excess foam or TAR will also be purchased as aluminum panels.
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