Say goodbye to the galvanized pollution authors 15%? Weathering steel to rust check rust broken pv stent materials dilemma | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-07

SMM webex: & other; 630' Rob grid phase, tile is hard to find, rob goods, waiting in line for more than now in the field of components, photovoltaic stents unexpectedly fell on this year. Investigate its reason, in addition to all the known demand suddenly broke out, short delivery cycle, aluminum fence, general manager of suzhou aikang metal Zhao Jian revealed that this year history's most severe nationwide environmental protection supervision is an important reason, a direct result of most galvanizing plant shut down, zinc production cuts, prices, and it is the mainstream of carbon steel photovoltaic key coating stent surface corrosion resistance treatment. It is reported that this year & other; 630' Even before the queue is not rob the cash. In photovoltaic stents enterprise analysis point of view, because the galvanized itself in cleaning, pollution problems of the processing steps, galvanized factory by environmental protection strict controls of the next two to three years is a big probability event, 3030 industrial aluminum especially capacity accounted for 60% of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, production capacity will be affected. Consider the cost on the base of looking for more environmentally friendly materials in photovoltaic stents enterprise's urgent issue. More used in rail, Bridges, construction field of photovoltaic stents weathering steel were introduced. Photovoltaic stents in weathering steel application promotion conference, professor of tongji university are introduced, by ordinary carbon steel aluminum fence weathering steel join the corrosion resistant element such as copper, nickel smelting practice and become, has the high quality steel mechanical properties, resistance to atmospheric corrosion ability of 2 ~ 8 times that of carbon steel, and use the longer the time, the corrosion resistance of the more prominent. Pv stent application of weathering steel, not only from galvanized coating link, shorten the time limit for a project to reduce cost, and avoid the environmental pollution of hot galvanizing process. Photovoltaic stents compared by calculation, galvanized, weathering steel photovoltaic stents can reduce costs by 15%. Shaanxi qin electric new energy companies to invest, northwest China in turbine group survey design institute co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the west courtyard) shall be As EPC of oasis way 22 mw unit construction project from April 8, 2017 comprehensive construction, distance & other; 6. 30' Grid is less than three months, the court shall be through careful arrangement, chose aikang supply of weathering steel stents, finally realizes the interconnection 630 all items. From photovoltaic project site, photovoltaic bracket surface weathering steel rusty color. But aikang metal engineer no more waste of time that this is actually & other; To check rust rust & throughout; Fall off, is different from ordinary steel rusty steel thin, 3030 industrial aluminum weathering steel sheet surface is processed to form a layer of rust layer, not only will not fall off, and the equivalent of a layer of protective film, prevent the infiltration of corroded medium and transmission, and effectively extend the service life of pv stent surface photovoltaic power station is located in the free open to more, KWH cost is the core of the power station owners focus, aluminum invasion Lu Wenxiao icahn group vice President thinks, environmental protection, low cost and free maintenance of the weathering steel photovoltaic stents in the future will become the mainstream of photovoltaic power station on the ground pv stent product type, and beautify the appearance of family roof photovoltaic power station, accept the weathering steel photovoltaic stents, there will be a process to icahn uniform will further optimize the weathering steel photovoltaic metal stents of rust layer, and continue to research and development new materials of authors and efficiency increasing. In addition, innovation means a breakthrough, but it doesn't mean perfect. Centaurs said, weathering steel introduction of photovoltaic (pv) to support innovation opened the new way of thinking, but the future still need to solve a series of problems, such as to form a complete set of installation bolt and nut, factory have to achieve the same corrosion resistance welding seam and standards; In coastal waters or heavy air pollution area, weathering steel component surface should be clean up after clean simple brush anticorrosive coatings; Weathering steel and aluminum should have measures to prevent the potential difference directly against current and make active metal corrosion caused a test and so on. New process to perfect the relevant leading enterprises rely on the research and development, summarizes the practical engineering experience, make enterprise standards, and rise to the national standard.
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