Sanmenxia annual output of 4 million aluminum alloy lightweight hub project start | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

show & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; The direction of intelligent manufacturing province key construction project & ndash; — Henan sanmenxia wear card energy wheel manufacture co. , LTD. , with annual capacity of 4 million aluminum alloy lightweight hub project, construction industry cluster in sanmenxia area. This project will build domestic monomer of the largest and the most advanced process equipment wheel intelligent manufacturing enterprise benchmarking. Henan energy chemical group chairman, party secretary xiang-en Chen, party secretary hai-yan zhao, see the project. Henan Song Fuyin energy chemical group deputy general manager, citic MeiXingLong wear card co. , LTD. , deputy general manager, deputy governor of henan branch of the China development bank Xu Fei, city leaders Lv Ting Lin, high war veterans, Sun Zong will attend our activity, qing-hong li, ji-wei sun, etc. In the project construction site, xiang-en Chen, hai-yan zhao line of advance for the field over the project. The project in the wake of auto lightweight the development trend and theme, fully introduced & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; “ 4. 0' Advanced ideas, in accordance with the propulsion of intelligent manufacturing and design idea of transformation of the mode of development, to create intelligent factory. Project carried out in accordance with the digital manufacturing system design, through the embedded intelligent devices, combined with the network information technology, on the production line to achieve automation, intelligent detection, intelligent monitoring and correction, etc. , in the process of production and circulation of products do not fall to the ground, using the robot manipulator and realize production automation. The first phase of the project plans to invest 13. 3. 3 billion yuan, the construction period 1 year. Built, after a year of new output value 1 billion yuan, profit tax of 100 million yuan. In view project, xiang-en Chen to sanmenxia municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant departments of the concern and support for the project said thank you. He pointed out that the annual output of 4 million aluminum alloy lightweight hub project is henan energy chemical group in 2016 will cover project. This project both comply with the world development trend of automotive lightweighting, and fit group strategic choice for the manufacturing sector, for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises inject new vitality, add strong motivation to sanmenxia industrial economic development. In the next step in the project construction, henan energy chemical group will be the new idea, new technology, new patterns and 'made in China 2025 henan action guidelines for the lead, give full play to the advantages of group, go all out to advance the project construction, and strive for early, early operation and early work, the completion of the project into a business card engineering, quality engineering, industrial concentration of sanmenxia area for the sanmenxia make new greater contributions to the economic and social development. Hai-yan zhao pointed out that the annual output of 4 million aluminum alloy lightweight hub project is accord with & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; Intelligent manufacturing requirements of industrial upgrading, key projects and special national construction project fund support. Construction of the project, is the implementation of the provincial party committee, provincial government decision deployment of specific actions, to sanmenxia aluminum long industrial chain, promote industrial chain extension from low-end to high-end, build national important aluminum industry base, promote transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry has great guidance and support. Sanmenxia industrial concentration area and city departments concerned should create good environment for the smooth implementation of project, provide excellent service. Hope project efforts to build a high standard, high efficiency, high quality finish. Under the economic development of the new normal, sanmenxia implementation & other; 54321' Transformation of development strategy, and further to seize the supply side big opportunity structural reform, our industrial transformation and upgrading of demonstration effect of the project, develop information, intelligence, integration and so on characteristics of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of old and new momentum in the conversion, make the development of powerful new engines, in & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; New strides unceasingly in the roads.
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