Sandblasting oxidation process of introduction and main application range

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the profiles of sandblasting oxidation process and main application on aluminum surface treatment, we can use different methods to meet the requirements. One method of oxidation treatment is called sandblasting oxidation. So-called sandblasting oxidation, mainly is refers to a compressed air power, high-speed jet to turn the spray need to deal with surface of workpiece, so that the workpiece surface appearance or shape change, improve the durability and decorative. So, as things stand, sandblasting oxidation is mainly the application scope of what? Aluminum profile for this problem, we can be divided into several aspects to answer. The first is the plating on the artifacts and artifact adhesive before treatment, the oxidation method can effectively remove the workpiece surface of all dirt, at the same time can also through changing different particle size of abrasive, can obviously improve the workpiece and the adhesion strength of the coating, plating materials, to make it better. The second application occasions, the hair on the casting surface after heat treatment, need to clean up, we can use sandblasting oxidation to effectively remove the workpiece after heat treatment are all the dirt. In addition, still can put in polishing the surface of the workpiece, enhance the degree of finish, and present a uniform metal color of components, it looks more beautiful. The third aspect, is for some mechanical parts after the burr processing, we can use his forehead sandblasting oxidation action to clean up the small burr on the surface of the workpiece, so as to make the workpiece surface more smooth. Not only eliminate the influence of the burr and also improve the quality and grade of the workpiece. In addition, the sand blasting process can make the workpiece surface junction formed small rounded corners, so can effectively improve workpiece is beautiful. In the actual work, we can also be sandblasting oxidation is applied to a lot of work. All in all, after sandblasting oxidation treatment, usually, to some extent, is the ability to improve the performance of the workpiece, but also enhance the aesthetic of artifacts.
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