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Russian aluminum aluminum production this year is expected to flat in 2015 | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

industrial aluminum industry giants - in Russia - Russia's industrial aluminum industry ( Rusal Plc) Said on Friday that the company in 2016 aluminum production is expected to flat in 2015, due to the market showed signs of improvement. Russian aluminum last year overtook hongqiao industrial aluminum industry in China as the world's largest aluminium producer, weak prices bring to the company. Three listen to Russian aluminum conference call, analysts said on Friday, the Russian aluminium expectations, the company in 2016 will be balanced in 2015, 3. 6 million tons of aluminum production. Do not allow journalists to participate in the telephone meeting. The aluminum top to analysts also said it would consider cut capacity of 200000 tons, but has not yet been determined. The Russian aluminium confirmed this view. Earlier on Friday, the Russian aluminium according to the report in the first quarter on a seasonally adjusted before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation ( EBITDA) 3 from the same period a year earlier. $1. 2 billion starts were 57%. However, compared to the prior quarter, profits rose by 2%. London rose about 2% since the beginning of aluminum, aluminum expected global aluminum demand growth this year 5. 3% to 59. 6 million tons. China's aluminium demand will increase by 7%, to 31 million tons. The supply side, the Chinese aluminum production is expected to increase 4 this year. 8%, the slowest pace for five years, because although the high-cost smelters shut, but before the expansion project put into production. Russian aluminum, estimates that China cut 4. 4 million tons of production capacity of 2015, 58. 50000 tons in the first quarter of this year to restart production, 71. 50000 tons of new start. At the same time, another 60. 40000 tons of idle capacity. China semi-finished industrial aluminum exports is expected to slow this year, due to the aluminum premiums fell outside of China, and the cutting capacity to support domestic aluminum prices in Shanghai. The original title: aluminum aluminum production this year is expected to flat in 2015 for aluminum industry, industrial aluminum industry news and information, please read the APS industry information: http://www. aps。 com. cn/xyzx。 超文本标记语言
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