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Rounding out the famous aluminum mold design studio template an exemption

by:AAG     2020-11-08

aluminum template an exemption spelling has become the trend of the industry, implementation of aluminum template an exemption on accuracy and reasonable packaging solutions. Is by design to ensure accuracy. First introduce our aluminum template design process: after receive the construction drawing, the first is deepening, which according to the project construction requirements of the information needed to sort out our aluminum template with mold and summary to the picture, problems found during the period of the drawings and some optimization Suggestions were sorted out. Can be understood as aluminum template design required concrete plane shape modeling of a process. The above information after finishing project reply and confirmation. Then according to the confirmed the deepening of aluminum profile figure for the 3 d modeling of concrete. Three-dimensional modeling should not only make the requirements of beam slab column structure, but also make the door lintel buttress the tongue-and-groove pressure tank water trough etc, can be understood as besides reinforced a than a completely restore needed for construction site pouring concrete shape. The famous aluminum mold design studio of concrete model on the basis of the concrete model we can match mold design. Mold fitting is the process of the simulation process of aluminum template production, aluminum templates and simulation test assembled more specifically, simulating the construction process. First of all we need to do aluminum template 3 d modeling of the parts, each part of the most basic information including aluminum profile shape size and installation size ( The number of the border, to draw hole bits or to pull slot position) , each part corresponding to the corresponding 3 d model. This process can be understood as a simulation of the production process. Then we mold fitting process is to produce the aluminum template assembly to us to do on the concrete model, the process of assembling the shape of template size and installation size is to cooperate and verify. This procedure simulated all the assembling process of aluminum formwork construction. The famous aluminum mold design studio template part not famous aluminum mold design studio mold fitting model of the audit process in addition to the regular audit to mold fitting model to build on the standard layer of concrete floor, simulated the construction of the second site. The whole design process of maximum reduction by computer live at the scene. Thus to make the design of the results of maximum guarantee the accuracy of the aluminum template design. The famous aluminum mold design studio standard layer of the second floor of the reasonable packaging solutions by designer clear logical decision. A building aluminum template parts frequently tens of thousands of pieces, seen too many field due to unreasonable packaging solutions for material waste a lot of artificial, and aluminum template is common in the process of construction. Our package plan at the beginning of the design has the reasonable packaging logic, in the process of the mold fitting segment assembly, aluminum profile between assembly and assembly has reasonable and clear boundaries, between big assembly and small assembly has strict and logical dependencies. So you can ensure that each package inside parts won't be too much, with corresponding assembly map, can easily and quickly assembled the implementation of the first layer. The famous aluminum mold design studio under the map on the wall of the other would try and assembled do comparison: first of all try to assemble the venue for outdoor light, can not be reflected on the sedimentation of the floor and return, try to assemble and acceptance is very easy to overlook the corresponding template schemes on the sedimentation of the floor and return. Simulation in the process of our design on the settlement of all and return on the floor is intuitive response, mold fitting model installed on a concrete floor to simulate the second review process of construction, the details of incorrect treatment can be very intuitive. If another is packaged, aluminum alloy profile is done directly on the finished product production for sorting packaging is easy to implement, and test assembled again after the completion of packaging, dismantle to design in the process of dismantle the logic has been disrupted, given at the beginning of the subordinate relationship easily confused, again according to the packing list, it is easy to make a mistake. Instead do not try to assemble, the production of complete direct packaging, packing list and batch production list membership won't be upset, this package also had the very big guarantee accuracy.
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