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Rich treasure information aluminum monthly report: heating season will come after aluminium is still expected to rebound | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-08

according to customs data showed that Chinese bauxite imported about 6. 53 million tons, in August rose 47. 12%; 1 - Imported about 44. 63 million tons, in August rose 34. 59%. Among them, the August bauxite imports from Australia to return to 2 million tons above, about 230. 80000 tons, rose 3. 13%; August import about 550000 tons of bauxite from Malaysia, year-on-year increase in 9. 83%; The import amount of bauxite from guinea in July 278. 50000 tons, year-on-year increase of 180. 32%. Boke industry news: the mid to late September, guinea, Boke) Rioting in bauxite mine, the unrest is mainly caused by power outages and environmental pollution, riots in SMB company and joined the company production and operation. On September 25, the Norwegian aluminium producer Norsk veidekke warned Brazil bauxite of the risk of supply shortage Mineracao Rio do Norte ( MRN) Mine tailings disposal system appear problem, because of dry weather leads to lack of water. Norsk veidekke, said in a statement & other; Has been to the bauxite customer notification of force majeure. ( 2) In August 2017, China's imports of alumina year-on-year increase of 123. 07%.
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