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restoring aluminum siding

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About 50 years ago, when the aluminum siding was first launched, jay romanomarch 23,1997 was touted as long-
Lasting maintenance
Free replacement for traditional side panels or other side panels such as wooden tiles.
Because aluminum is rotatable, waterproof and corroded
Resist and be able to withstand years of exposure to these elements, and if left simply, the siding itself will continue almost indefinitely.
Unfortunately, the fine paint layers standing between the aluminum wall panels and the rest of the world cannot be said as well.
\"It\'s chalk and it fades and even wears to bare metal,\" said Toby hostenman, owner of the Crown today, a roof based in Passaic, New Jersey. J.
\"It\'s a gradual thing, but after 20 or 30 years, the aluminum siding doesn\'t look like a new time.
\"In fact, the owner of aluminum
Double sided houses are often found, no matter how often they scrub, hose-
Even steam.
Clean their house, just never get back to the way it was when they were young.
But instead of spending thousands of dollars divesting and replacing homes that have been better off in those days, homeowners have a cheaper option ---
Paint the exterior of the house.
\"A new paint app can provide a nice surface, whether you believe it or not,\" Mr. Holtzman said.
\"If it\'s done right, it might even be better than the siding at the beginning.
We are now at the point where there are thousands of aluminum.
Double sided house that can be repainted.
\"Advertising decorative aluminum siding is more than just pulling out brushes and rollers and slapping a layer of paint.
Like any other major paint project, repairing aluminum wall panels requires careful preparation, proper equipment, and some basic knowledge about the paint and its properties.
The most important thing, he said, is to make corrections to any damaged existing siding.
Hostenman said he explained that if it is possible to remove and replace the sunken parts without damaging the surrounding area. Soffits --
The surface under the roof stands out-
Should check for sagging and separation where walls and roof edges meet.
Ditch, leadership and drain
Hostenman said that it should be cleaned and firmly fixed in the appropriate position in the correct order of work.
Next, a key step is to make sure that the surface of the siding is clean without any dirt, grease, bird feces, mold or sap.
In general, the best way to ensure surface cleaning is to hire contractors for professional work.
Bill SAHT Ben, owner of advanced electric washing in Parsippany, NYJ.
He said that when he was hired to clean the aluminum
He used pressure.
A washing machine capable of heating water to 280 degrees.
Then blow up the siding with hot water at 2,500 pounds pressure.
\"You have to make sure that you are shot down like rain hit the house,\" Mr.
Sahuttburn said he explained that if the spray sprayed upwards, it could loosen or even remove the siding from the house.
By using hot water, most houses can be cleaned without using detergent, he added.
Even mold and mildew
\"You can use hot, high,\" says Mr.
Pressure spray that does not use bleach, which is usually required by other cleaning techniques.
In this case
\"The only time I really need to use detergent is on a dirty aluminum sink,\" said Mr.
The cost of the pressure, added Mr.
Wash a typical three
The average price of a bedroom home is about $300.
Homeowners can even put pressure on them.
Wash your own house by buying or renting pressure
Washing machine in local family center.
While this machine may not be able to produce 2,500 pounds of the pressure generated by commercial machines, it is still possible to do a good job under less pressure by using detergent and hot water.
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According to the information provided by Alside of kaihuojia Falls, Ohio, the company is one of the first companies to manufacture and sell aluminum siding, hot detergent solution and rinse water with a minimum pressure of 600 pounds per square inch can thoroughly clean the siding exposed to elements for 20 or 30 years.
The advertising detergent recommended by the company includes Zep-A-
Lume, manufactured by Zep manufacturing company based in Cleveland;
Spray 9 cleaner made by Knight Company in Johnstown, New Jersey. Y.
As well as Amchem Products Ridosol 5192 made in Pa Ambler.
In many cases, the siding that has been weathered for a long time and the siding that was originally painted with inferior paint will feel \"chalk\" even if it is clean.
Mike McEnroe, spokesman for paint professional manufacturer Flood Company in Hudson, Ohio, said this was the result of the disintegration of existing coatings.
\"If you put paint on it, the paint may look very sticky but not actually,\" Mr.
McEnroe explained that for surfaces with severe powder formation, it is necessary to use the primer for the products produced by the company called EasyMix E-B EmulsaBond.
Sir, give a brief description.
EmulsaBond is an oil, says McEnroe.
Base additives mixed with water-
Based on latex paint. (
Latex is better than painting aluminum siding because latex expands and shrinks during hot and cold;
Paint tends to crack. )The oil-
The basic part of the product, Mr.
McEnroe says it will absorb the powder pigment and attach it to the siding, thus providing a more stable surface for the LaTeX
Part-based completion.
\"You finally got oil --
\"In an application, based on primer and latex coating,\" Mr. McEnroe said. Mr.
Emphasis on oil
A primer-based like EmulsaBond should only be used if there is a powdery residue on the cleaned siding.
\"If you use it on an inconspicuous side panel, or you use it as a second coat, you end up with a shiny effect,\" Mr. McEnroe said;
Gloss is the smooth area in the finish and will be obvious from an angle.
While clean aluminum siding can be painted with a good brush or roller, the best way to ensure a smooth, uniform finish is to hire a professional to spray it on a high level
High quality paint designed for external aluminum surfaces. (
According to Alside\'s information sheet, paint specially designed for aluminum siding includes Sherwin Williams A100 Super enamel, repair enamel by Sears weather beating machine and repair enamel by PPG speed hide metal and vinyl siding. )
\"The key is to know how to deal with the spray gun,\" said Michael bradenstein, owner of a premium application for paint contractors specializing in tinkering with aluminum in Youngstown, Ohio. sided houses. Mr.
Bradenstein said that although traditional compression
The air sprayer will do a good job, it is better to use the \"air-free sprayer\" because this sprayer uses pressure alone to push the paint, will minimize excessive spraying that may result in a perfect match between nearby leaves and cars and aluminum siding.
He said that in most cases, the typical three
New York City bedroom house can be renovated
Almost any color painting. -
Whatever the original color is--
About $1 per square foot.
The advertisement \"if it\'s done right\"
\"A good paint job will last 20 years,\" said Breidenstein.
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