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Recycled aluminum demand better production stable industry highlights gradually appear

by:AAG     2020-11-06

China nonferrous metals industry association, said the state vigorously promote reform of the supply side, the transformation economic development early results, market demand, improve recycled aluminum industry. Demand side, in the first half of the aluminum manufacturers ingot prices, waste, price swings down, enterprise management is good; Dimensions enterprise production is normal, many enterprises full production, market demand is stable. A steady rise in production, China's secondary aluminum production, in 2016 reached 6. 3 million tons, output reached 3. 35 million tons in the first half of 2017. However, as the environmental protection supervision in full swing, many medium and small businesses shut down, output can be affected. At present, environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction aspect has more obvious effects have been achieved, the comprehensive energy consumption of leading enterprises reached 110 kg BiaoMei/ton, the recovery rate increased by 5%. At the same time, domestic aluminium industry structure are optimized, according to the China nonferrous metals industry association statistics, there are 29 aluminum manufacturers by aluminium industry standard conditions, the total capacity of 362. 50000 tons, about 35% of total aluminium can. Policy, recycled aluminum copper lead and zinc industry pollutant emissions standards, emissions limits further strict, aluminum manufacturer special area will also perform special emissions limits. This standard will be revised again recently. 'About a ban on imports of foreign garbage entry promote the solid waste management system reform implementation plan', waste raw material structure will change. Public security, environmental protection, customs, quality inspection, joint law enforcement enterprise huge inlet pressure. Integration of the national customs positive progress, years to achieve full coverage. In addition, the regenerative metal branch cooperate with the ministry to draft the regeneration of copper, aluminum, zinc and precious metals industry standard conditions, has formed the first draft, will provide support for industry healthy and stable development in the future. China nonferrous metals industry association, said the no. 78 value-added tax cuts across different implementation. For can be included in the scope of raw material of the tax refund disputes increase, industrial tailings, material is not clearly listed in the directory; Waste using proportion that lack of standards. The club is working with the Ministry of Finance, state ministration of taxation to communicate. After industry specifications, structure adjustment and technology update measures such as, the window of recycled aluminum industry has gradually appeared at present: liquid aluminum straight for: straight for aluminum liquid has obvious cost advantages, realize aluminum manufacturers win-win with die casting enterprise; Recycled aluminum liquid aluminum accounted for about 25% of the total amount of the products, more than 1. 5 million tons. Foam aluminum manufacturers: mainly used in transportation, such as high-end equipment manufacturing and building decoration materials. Pretreatment technology: the degree of automation gradually increase, vortex, such as laser induced technology is applied.
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