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Rambling aluminum incarnations

by:AAG     2020-11-08

rambling incarnations of aluminum aluminum is the basis of the economic development of important raw materials. Not only alloy hardness can reach the level of the steel. And very light. Widely used in automobile, rail, aviation and other fields. At present its consumption is second only to iron and steel in the metal species. With the outbreak of the overseas production costs rise and domestic demand. At present, China's electrolytic aluminium profile production capacity in the global ratio has reached 60%. The human the large-scale application of aluminum has nearly hundred years of history. View from the reserves. Was third in aluminum content in the earth's crust, About eight. 8%) 。 Second only to oxygen and silicon. Is the most abundant metal elements content in the crust. Use & other; The land is & throughout; Describe the aluminum too much. In fact. In the 19th century. The price of aluminum has high gold. Is the most precious metal on earth. The reason is that. Aluminum oxide too easily. And extract elemental aluminum and extremely difficult. Early people even using sodium reduction aluminum chloride. Production is very limited. Now the electrolysis has become the mainstream in the production process. So the cost of aluminum structure different from those of other base metals. Electricity account for almost 40%. Electrolytic cell anode accounted for 15%. And the source of the aluminum element aluminum soil mineral is very cheap. Can say. After the industrial revolution brought a cheap energy. Metal production truly outbreak. From 2006 to 2016 years of this decade. China's electrolytic aluminium profile production capacity from 10 million tons of expanded to 40 million tons. As the world's first. And the price is $440 billion a year of power consumption and the resulting air pollution, water pollution. To speak frankly. Some savage growth in environmental destruction and unreasonable power based on cost advantage. Aluminum, the author has been research aluminum anode carbon area of concentration. Many small factory around almost nothing grows. Air pungent. The health of the local great threat. It is worth noting. Carbon capacity or to shrink by nearly 50% this year. We expect the fourth quarter of the anode carbon will be in short supply. Supply side structural reform is not simply to clean up illegal capacity. It is also an environmental action. Influenced by it. The industrial structure of the aggregate will be restore. State-owned enterprises and industry leading would complete the industry concentration degree of ascension. The expansion of environmental protection investment, legal compliance, honestly endured during the past years the high cost of enterprises. Will produce generous returns
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