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protecting polished aluminum wheels - some tips

by:AAG     2020-11-05
The brand new aluminum wheel polished rim looks very good.
However, this polished look begins to wear out shortly after the wheel is used.
Once the wheels are affected by the rigors of the atmosphere, they can no longer remain mint.
Oxidation is a common problem in aluminum hubs.
Things like muck, dirt and road chemicals are attached to the wheels every day.
The aluminum surface is affected by this, and after the protective coating is worn, the rim is stained.
Impurities easily enter the porous metal.
If you leave the wheel in this case, it will cause surface deformity and pitting.
If you want to restore the gloss on the aluminum wheel, you need to apply some powerful polishing techniques.
If you are determined to protect the rims and make them shine back, all you need is some product and some spare time.
If you don\'t know how to get started, here are some tips to help you get started: Step 1: First, you need to lift the vehicle from the ground.
For this you can use a normal Jack or a floor jack.
You need to put the Jack under the frame of your car.
Make sure you have enough space to remove the tires.
Remove each tire with a wrench and put it on one side.
Step 2: put the wheels up on the floor.
It\'s best to focus on only one wheel at a time.
You need to wear protective rubber gloves for this job.
Get a brush 2 inch wide and immerse it in a full
Strong paint remover.
In this way, you can remove the transparent coating that exists on the edge.
After starting to use at some point, coats on the edge often fall off, peel off or fade.
With paint remover, you can clean the edges of the transparent coating.
You need to apply a lot of paint remover and have it sit for at least 15 minutes once you have finished coating the wheel.
It will start bubbling and erode the transparent coating on the wheel.
If you still find a patch with a clear coating on the edge, then apply another stain remover to take it off.
While cleaning the edges of the old clear coat, you can use steel wool.
A good scrub on the edge surface will definitely take the coat out in a few minutes.
If the wool is piled up, be sure to replace it.
You may not be able to clean the edges at once and may need some wool pads, but you will get a satisfactory result once it is done.
Step 3: once you scrub the old coat from the edge, you need to apply brassmetal polish.
Coat the surface of the edge with Polish until it restores luster.
To get this done, you can use as many apps as you want.
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