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Promote the development of industrial structure optimization and upgrading resource integration

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the industrial structure optimization and upgrading of resources integration to boost development in shandong province samsung group stick to supply side structural reforms, high-end aluminum industry focus on exploration of the enterprise transformation, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the integration of internal resources, realize the optimal allocation, for the enterprise provides a strong impetus, old and new kinetic energy in power enterprise rapid development. Shandong Ming navigation intelligent logistics equipment co. , LTD. ( Ming navigation designed steam) Is a subsidiary of the samsung group in shandong, into the enterprise's production workshop, intelligent production line, aluminum key working procedure, nice, stage a welder, etc, are equipped with the top welding equipment, welding work done by robots, and enterprises to effectively improve production efficiency. Advanced package cans machine, makeup automatic welding machine, automatic girth welding, hydraulic type machines and other top technology equipment, realize the scale, precision, the modern production. And this production line production & other; Ming navigation & throughout; Brand lightweight vehicle series products, 3 to 4 tons, lighter than the ordinary carbon steel trailer light energy conservation and environmental protection, transportation ability, reduce the transportation cost, become the best choice for high efficiency and energy saving, green logistics. Ming steam navigation is a new production line running smoothly, especially & other; Ming navigation & throughout; Series products of lightweight vehicle production, is closely connected with the application of specific materials. All of these new materials from the air as the samsung group, shandong yulin special alloy equipment co. , LTD. The enterprise production of all kinds of high strength lightweight aluminum profile products, lightweight vehicles for the production of material provides a reliable guarantee. Relying on the industry advantage, samsung Ming navigation designed steam formed the self-sufficiency of raw materials, product research and development production, sales, one-stop complete industrial chain, product competitive advantage is obvious. Ming navigation designed steam with abundant navigation equipment for special alloy of win-win cooperation, to achieve the efficient allocation of group internal resources, implements the samsung group, enterprise's production capacity. This is samsung's industrial layout adjustment, high-end aluminum extrusions samsung group focused on its potentialities and transformation of industrial projects. At present, the group has achieved many high-end aluminum in the field of independent research and development of production and marketing, has made the high-end aluminum all channel, augmented injection new economic growth point for the enterprise fast development. It is understood that with the improving of the aluminum finishing power, shandong samsung group has with the United States several industry at home and abroad well-known enterprises such as Boeing reached a strategic partnership, and widely at the international aluminum industry and aluminum meeting exhibition and other international large industry exhibition, market influence rising steadily. High-end aluminum smoothly through all channels, to broaden the group's industrial development path at the same time, also effectively improved the enterprise endogenous motivation and & other Hematopoietic function & throughout; , more help to promote China's industrial implementation from & other; Manufacturing & throughout; To & other; Smart & throughout; The metamorphosis of upgrade. Next, the samsung group in shandong also will further adjust the product structure, actively expand high technology content, high value-added products, deepening the construction of the downstream industry chain, promoting the coordinated development of diverse industries, realize the enterprise strength to upgrade again.
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