Aluminum tube and square

Processing of aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-15
* all extrusion is 6 m, I can buy the whole root, can also be retail free cutting size ( More than 1000 mm) Less than 1000 mm the size of the charge 1 yuan 1 knife. At the end of each head material, cutting slices loss all cutting size add 0. The wastage of the 05. The cutting error + - 0. 5 to 0. 8 mm have special requirements can explain ahead of time, can guarantee all the cut surface is bright and clean without burr. Requires cutting Angle other than 45 degrees of bevel to 1 yuan all Angle is an Angle.
* aluminum deep processing, in addition to cutting the aluminum deep processing, such as: drilling and milling Kong Xi tank tapping are paid processing, carving the specific cost both sides agreed.
* aluminum frame, the company can custom make all kinds of aluminum frame, the outer garment equipment, assembly line workbench. Welcome to map processing can also be free CAD drawing and effect drawing for the customer. Provide you with more perfect solution.
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