On September 5th SMM aluminum market early

by:AAG     2020-11-10

on Friday, Aaron aluminum in 1616 dollars/tons, by noon of the plate aluminum around daily average lines tight trading range, and the afternoon dip, into the European trading session, Aaron aluminum capacity downward, under $1600 / ton level, low touch in 1592. 5 dollars/tons, at the end of the tray shocks closed at $1594 / ton. Volume was 276 to 18370 hands, 3272 holdings to 726641 hands. Last Friday night, Shanghai aluminum main open to 12210 yuan/ton, long-short game actively is intense, the Shanghai aluminum main around 12180 yuan/ton wide range, low touched 12160 yuan/ton, hitting a 5/60 - day moving average, high hit 12220 yuan/ton, close to 40 - day moving average, above the plate at the end of the oscillation amplitude narrowed, closed at 12175 yuan/ton. Volume was 76308 to 30962 hands, holdings in 6106 to 170442 hands. Long-short competition, Shanghai aluminum main high and volatile, days after operation of 12150 ~ 12250 yuan/ton. Backwardation 140 ~ 180 yuan/ton.
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