On September 20th SMM aluminum market early

by:AAG     2020-11-10

September 20 SMM aluminum city early 20th SMM9 - : London aluminum in 1577 dollars/tons, early sideways on 10 - day moving average resistance measurement, then basically follow domestic Shanghai aluminum trend after suppression Yang first, before hitting a 5 daily average line, a rebound in touch - day moving average, into the European trading session, Aaron aluminum under short after touching $1570 / ton, low return rises up above 10 ma, 1584 high touch. 5 dollars/tons, closed at $1584 / ton. Volume was 2467 to 9717 hands, 3057 holdings to 723847 hands. 5/10 - day moving average is stick form support, support at the bottom of the aluminum, and pay attention to this day the fed meeting influence on market, is expected to Aaron aluminum days running 1570 ~ $1590 / ton. Overnight, aluminium completed during the month in month, the Shanghai aluminum main open to 11915 yuan/ton, in months, short choose unwind out safety, main Shanghai aluminum capacity upward, closed at 12085 yuan/ton, high approximation 20 daily average lines. Volume was 31408 to 45076 hands, 4098 holdings to 223888 hands. This round up to the Shanghai aluminum in months positions (one-way practice, difficult to rebound as a sign, days after operation of 11990 ~ 12120 yuan/ton. Backwardation 180 ~ 220 yuan/ton. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets LuoQiaoLing)
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