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by:AAG     2020-11-09
On May 18,

SMM industrial aluminium profile, financial express SMM5. 18 - overnight, Aaron industrial aluminum at $1550 / ton, and plate, and crude oil shock upside, Shanghai industrial aluminum continues to rise, Aaron industrial aluminum gravity rise steadily, high hit 1564. 5 dollars/tons, in Europe and the United States time, industrial aluminum high pressure drop, they got 1541 dollars/tons, low volatility closed at $1543 / ton at night. Volume was 289 to 13634 hands, 1006 holdings to 772229 hands. Industrial aluminum struggle with 5 - day moving average, and 40/60 above the daily average lines stick form resistance, Aaron industrial aluminum range, days running 1540 ~ $1560 / ton. Low overnight, Shanghai industrial aluminum main forces in 12365 yuan/ton, early Shanghai industrial aluminum under the main brief touch 12330 yuan/ton, the bulls maintain strong, Shanghai industrial aluminum gravity up steadily, high touch 12460 yuan/ton, offer more than short-term high profit unwind at the end of industrial aluminum price dropped to 12420 yuan/ton. Volume reduction of 13. 70000 to 82946 hand, holdings in 4436 to 283256 hands. Shanghai industrial aluminum main struggle with 20 daily average lines, long stay strong, measuring 12500 yuan/ton on integer, days after operation of 12350 ~ 12520 yuan/ton. Cash discount 10 yuan/ton to the premium 30 yuan/ton. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets LuoQiaoLing) On May 18, the original title: SMM industrial aluminum city finance alerts for industrial aluminium profile details, please browse the APS industrial aluminum profile page: http://www. aps。 com. cn/apsgy。 超文本标记语言
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