On July 18, east China aluminum: spot highs after clinch a deal before hot cold | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

SMM7. 18 - aluminum futures that month in month to 1708 contracts, aluminium swings by noon of the month to 14280 yuan/ton. Clinch a deal the concentration of 14150 - Shanghai 14170 yuan/ton, aluminum profile for that month premium 170 - Clinch a deal the concentration of 14150-120 yuan/ton, wuxi Clinch a deal the concentration of 14170-14170 yuan/ton, hangzhou 14190 yuan/ton. High aluminum futures callback, the shipper of positive shipment, aluminium in that month, the early stage of the cash discount to 170 yuan/ton, middlemen have operating space, the downstream enterprises by just need to purchase, clinch a deal until hot after cold state as a whole.
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