On August 26, SMM aluminum market early - | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10

on August 26, SMM SMM8 month 26 - aluminum market early: aluminum London opened in 1648. 5 dollars/tons, after a sharp fall in London aluminum, disk slightly dull today, the aluminum plate early Aaron around ma sideways smooth running on it, and then into the European trading session, aluminum prices downward, rare low hit 1632 dollars/tons, 60 daily average lines under test, then by high crude oil, Aaron aluminum back closed at $1644 / ton. Volume was 143 to 11650 hands, holdings in 1460 to 743637 hands. Overnight, the Shanghai aluminum main open to 12300 yuan/ton, short lead in low leaves play, aluminium gravity has risen steadily, high touch 12400 yuan/ton, on 5 daily average line, then by the long high unwind safety, long-short cautiously, aluminium shocks down, closed at 12325 yuan/ton, temporarily keep 40 per line. Volume was 78160 to 36364 hands, 2456 holdings to 181592 hands. 5 - day moving average is glued down to 20 daily average lines, showing above resistance, long-short cautiously, testing the effectiveness of the 40 - day moving average, expected days running 12250 ~ 12430 yuan/ton. Backwardation 130 ~ 170 yuan/ton.
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