On August 17, 2017 domestic electrolytic aluminum spot inventory

by:AAG     2020-11-07

on August 17, 2017, the SMM will new chongqing and tianjin aluminum stock, in addition the luoyang statistical categories and zhengzhou inventory in gongyi, region, and in social aluminum ingots inventory total inventory. The necessity of the new statistical sample: first, because, electrolytic aluminium production has increased dramatically in our country, at the same time, the aluminum manufacturers aluminum industry production and consumption is gradually migrated from southeastern coastal to inland and northern region, aluminum manufacturers original consumption warehouse capacity is insufficient, aluminum ingots to change, therefore, the previous period agreed to by since February 16, 2017 new three aluminum ingots delivery warehouse in tianjin, chongqing two aluminum ingots delivery warehouses, luoyang two aluminum ingots delivery library, zhengzhou 1 aluminum ingots for delivery. Second, due to the recent tianjin, chongqing, luoyang, zhengzhou four aluminum ingots social inventory increase significantly. Tianjin region 1 aluminum ingots social inventory from the same period last year. 5 50000 tonnes on Thursday. 00000 tons, aluminum manufacturers increased 233%. Chongqing aluminum ingots inventory also steadily up to 10000 tons. Four inventory contains specific: including the entire logistics warehouse in tianjin region, the 833 warehouse storage and storage warehouse three futures for delivery in the library, and tianjin teda warehouse and a business trust two aggressive library; Chongqing region including chongqing warehouse storage and the cimc two aluminum ingots delivery warehouse; Luoyang inventory including the delivery of storage and delivery of storage, storage in zhengzhou including delivery.
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