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Now within easy reach of aluminum was once upon a time 'royal special supply?

by:AAG     2020-11-10

now within easy reach of aluminum was once & quot; The royal special supply & quot; 吗? Aluminum in the 21st century is a quite common metal, from daily use cans, the key components of aviation equipment, aluminum is not difficult to find. But have you ever imagine, now we common aluminum, in hundreds of years ago was & quot; The royal special supply & quot; , keep pace with all sorts of rare treasures? Now within easy reach of aluminum was once & quot; The royal special supply & quot; For the discovery of aluminum, recognized in the world is the German chemist weiler discovered in 1827. Published an article in 1825, Danish scientists oster says, he refined a silvery white metal, morphology and luster rather like a tin, but because he is busy with his own electromagnetics research, combined with his method of extracting aluminium is not pure, the awareness of the magazine is also insufficient, this experiment has caused quite a stir. But his friends weiner learns of the experiment, and is very interested in, so hard work based on this experiment, with two years of time, finally extract at the end of the metal aluminium powder. And then he began to produce a piece of the density of aluminum blocks, with 18 years finally successful, metal beryllium and using the same method. In 1854, the French chemist, mix of bauxite, charcoal, salt, chlorine gas is piped in heated by sodium chloride, aluminium chloride double salts, again with excess sodium melting, got the metal aluminum, but using sodium as a reducing agent production cost of aluminum is more precious than gold, even realize the industrialized production of aluminum, but the price sure it was only the nobles. Now within easy reach of aluminum was once & quot; The royal special supply & quot; 吗? Because of aluminum valuable, at the time, aluminum is as a rare treasures. French emperor napoleon iii is a vanity is very heavy, command officials made for himself a aluminum crown for a grand banquet, at the same time in the party yourself using a set of tableware, aluminum and other guests can use the gold silverware, to reveal its nobility. Exhibited at the 1855 Paris exposition, a small piece of aluminum, comments as follows: silver from rare earth, and on the next to the most precious jewelry. In 1889, the Russian tsar to praise chemical door he invented the merit of the periodic table made him an aluminum cup. Now within easy reach of aluminum was once & quot; The royal special supply & quot; 吗? It is well known that aluminum is one of the most abundant metal in the crust, the earth's crust total quality of 7. Aluminium was 45%, but why so expensive? Is due to the chemical nature very lively, aluminum and generally reductant are powerless, so at the time of aluminum smelting is rather difficult. After more than a dozen scientists efforts of more than 100 years later, was first made of pure aluminum, aluminum didn't officially entered innumberable families. And can realize large-scale production, aluminum electrolytic aluminum technology invention. In 1884, the United States, oberlin a young student named hall of chemistry, overheard a professor ( Happened is that the professor is weiler students) Said: & quot; No matter who can invent a low-cost aluminum smelting process, will be somebody. ” The hall realized that only invented a method of cheap aluminium to aluminum to families. Hall early use of a discovery that the electrical current into the molten metal salt, can make the metal ions on the cathode deposited, so that the separation of metal ions at the same time the use of molten cryolite as solvent refined aluminum oxide, again with carbon as cathode, applying a current in a porcelain crucible, and ultimately successful electrolytic aluminum out of a metal ball, announced that the success of the electrolysis method. Today, these aluminum ball is treasured in the halls of aluminum companies in the United States. Similarly, from as far away as the French scientists later in 1886, Mr Lu also invented the same aluminum smelting process, so future generations about the electrolytic aluminum smelting process, will associate the name of the hall and Mr Lu. Now within easy reach of aluminum was once & quot; The royal special supply & quot; 吗? Electrolysis method of the invention, the aluminium content up to 8% of the elements in the crust can be provide many important use of materials for the human, production of aluminum increasing make aluminium precipitously, from then on into the ordinary people. Around the world in the 1960 s, aluminum non-ferrous metal production over the copper in the first place, the nobility of aluminum is no longer a plaything, but its use is slowly become wide, big to national defense, aerospace, electric power, telecommunications, small to household items such as POTS and pans, there is aluminum, and aluminum compounds are different medicine, organic synthesis, petroleum refining, and other fields play an important role. ” Before the old Wang Xietang yan, flying off the shelves. ” It is used to describe the development of the aluminum fitting. With the progress of science and technology, aluminium is set in a wide area for the human.
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