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North America's second largest zinc factory the strikers refused to accept the management conditions

by:AAG     2020-11-08

electric on October 3, according to the news, the unions said on Tuesday, North America's second largest zinc processing factory of the strikers refused to the terms of the management of salary and pension. The factory is located in Quebec, Canada by Nolan fund ( 诺兰达收入基金) All. The united steelworkers union said in a statement, to participate in the strike of 371 absenteeism, 97% of people voted refused to accept the management conditions. Influenced by concern about China's environmental protection to leak, 3030 zinc aluminum stage LME prices for a second day on Tuesday hit a decade high. Since early 2016, the city of zinc prices more than doubled, as the global mines shut down after tide tight supplies. The strike of zinc processing factory mainly produces refined zinc and zinc concentrates the by-product. The factory by the global mining and trading giant glencore ( Glencore Plc) A subsidiary of the Canadian Electrolytic any Zinc operation and management. The company of noranda funds indirectly account for 25% of the shares. Canadian Electrolytic any Zinc, President and chief executive of Eva Carissimi said in a statement, & other; Employees of the bargaining unit refused our offer reasonable proposal, we are disappointed. ” It said the company proposed containing higher pensions, 3030 aluminum about 100 people over the next five years to retire early and raise condition. The united steelworkers union on behalf of Luc Julien said in a statement, the management is given with the conditions of initial trigger strikes in the same contract. In this factory every year in 27 - zinc production 27. 50000 tons.
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