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New salt aluminum products: 85 broken bridge wire netting a casement Windows profile

by:AAG     2020-11-09

new salt 85 broken bridge flat screens which Windows open window is introduced according to the market demand new salt broken bridge, the various components of aluminum and accessories are carefully designed, has many advantages, now introduce you to everybody. Bring 85 middle-east casement Windows 01 main profile parameters of wall thickness of 1. 4 mm, the main frame width is 85 millimeter, middle-east and screen window sash fan profile height is 78 mm, and 100 broken bridge Windows, aluminum manufacturers yarn size is 78 mm X29 mm, middle-east casement notch is 26 mm, with 5 + 14 a + 5 double tempered glass. Despite the profile width is not big, but the thickness is 1. 4 mm, meet the national standards, ensuring that meet the requirements on mechanical strength. 02 a protective article, vice frame, truss overall don't look at the main frame width is only 85 mm, the main box or leave install protective case of the space. Article on the structure have special protective box, aluminum manufacturers bar installed on the Windows and doors factory in advance to the pair of box, the spot after packed glass, then put the whole bar along with vice box, convenient installation. Deputy box besides bearing the function of the protective article, also loaded strip, glass window sash closed can play a role of sealing. 03 unique drainage system frame is equipped with unique drainage system, water discharge smoothly into the inside of the window. 04 yarn, casement have stereo modelling gauze fan and casement profile, in the place with gauze and the glass transition has stereo modelling, enhanced stereo feeling, more beautiful. 05 oubiao notches, tie-in hinge four-bar casement oubiao rabbet design, tie-in four-bar hinge, large open area, stronger bearing capacity. 06 main spot color the main spot color: sand dust, fluorine carbon, red acid, gold oak, PU teak, the embryo. We can do double color. 07 one-stop shopping service window of a complete set of, from material to parts all can provide one-stop shopping service, reduce the purchasing cost and energy. The user to select what kind of window is not static, according to the wall structure, the room layout, house environment, their own economic conditions and other factors. Aluminum manufacturers in general, the new salt 85 broken bridge aluminum wire netting a window is a window of high cost performance, with the medium consumption level of the user, but various performance can reach the national standard, Windows and doors factory can use this product as a mid-range products to locate and develop the market.
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