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New aluminum can waste? Speed watch!

by:AAG     2020-11-10

new aluminum can turn? Speed watch! Researchers in the department of energy's oak ridge national laboratory and partner at Lawrence livermore national laboratory, a Wisconsin Eck industrial company developed a new type of aluminum alloy, than the existing product has good practicability and more resistant to high temperature. More importantly, the aluminum alloy containing cerium could greatly improve the production of rare earths. Ce is a kind of rare earth elements, but with aluminium intermetallic compound formation, its melting point more than 1000 degrees Celsius. Aluminium - Cerium alloy is very suitable for internal combustion engine, series of tests show that the alloy can be stable in 300 degrees Celsius environment work. Aluminium - Cerium castability and aluminum alloy - Silicon alloy quite, very easy to machining, the stability of intermetallic compound to eliminate many of the heat treatment. Researchers also noted that because of the wide application of aluminum alloy, aluminum - Cerium alloy found will start and rapidly promote the development of cerium rare earth elements industry, according to preliminary estimates, even by 1% of the amount, each year the market demand for cerium can reach 3000 tons. Oak ridge national laboratory scientists Zach Sims, Michael McGuire, and Orlando Rios from Eck industrial company, Lawrence livermore national laboratory, Ames laboratory in Iowa colleagues in an article discusses the technical and economic feasibility of cerium aluminum alloy, the papers published in minerals, metals and materials society publications JOM. Is a set of rare earth on electronics, renewable energy and other modern technology are very important elements. Modern wind power and hybrid cars, for example, in the rare earth element neodymium and dysprosium made strong permanent magnets are very dependent. However, in North America was not now rare earth production. Is one of the problems, including the United States of rare earth minerals, cerium content as high as the rare earth content is more than half, but it is difficult to find a cerium rare earth producer ore market. In fact, the most common in the United States of rare earth mine, the content of cerium is content is more than 3 times of neodymium and dysprosium content of more than 500 times. Aluminium alloy is expected by increasing demand to promote the domestic rare earth cerium ore mining, and ultimately improve the value of the cerium. Rios explained, we have plenty of rare earth to meet the needs of energy technology, but when you're extracting rare earth, get most of the elements is cerium and lanthanum, limits the mass use of rare earths. For example, if the cerium on the internal combustion engine using aluminum alloy, so that we can quickly transform a by-product of cerium from a bad for a valuable product. Rios explained: & other; Aluminum industry is huge, use a lot of aluminum in the automobile industry, so for the cerium aluminum alloy, even a very small breakthrough will lead to the market to use elements of cerium. Adding cerium in fact, 1% of the aluminum alloy on the market, the market demand will produce 3000 t of cerium. Rios said, compared with traditional aluminum alloy, aluminum cerium alloy with low cost, casting can be high, heat treatment requirements of low and high temperature stability is good. Eck industrial engineering research and development company vice President David Weiss said: & throughout; Most has the outstanding performance of the alloy cast very hard, but cerium aluminum alloys have excellent performance, and its casting properties and al-si alloy. “ High temperature properties of the alloy is the key to form a special kind of aluminum - Cerium compounds, namely intermetallic compound, when the alloy melting and casting, the compounds formed in the alloy inside. The intermetallic melt only in more than 2000 degrees. Rios, points out that cerium aluminum alloy heat applied in internal combustion engine is very attractive. Experiment shows that the new alloy at 300 degrees Celsius ( 572 degrees Fahrenheit) Will remain in a stable condition and the traditional alloy at this temperature began to collapse. In addition, the stability of intermetallic compounds can sometimes be exempted from the procedures of heat treatment of aluminum alloy usually need. Cerium aluminum alloy by increasing operating temperature to improve the efficiency of the engine fuel directly, but can be by using light weight aluminum components or aluminum alloy instead of cast iron parts so as to reduce the weight of the engine to improve fuel efficiency indirectly, such as cylinder block, gearbox and cylinder head. The team in traditional sand mould casting the cylinder cover of the prototype aircraft; Also in the mold of 3 d printing is a fossil fuel driven generator cylinder head casting the whole function. Oak ridge national laboratory in the transportation research center this unprecedented demonstration guide a engine test succeeded, which proved the engine can exhaust temperature over 600 degrees Celsius. Oak ridge national laboratory, a physicist, said Zachary Sims & other; 3 d printing model usually are difficult to fill, but cerium have excellent casting properties of aluminum alloy is an exception.
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