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Nanshan aluminum industry become a new energy baic level of suppliers

by:AAG     2020-11-08

in the near future, nanshan aluminum VDA6 success by Beijing new energy potential suppliers. 3 review, join Beijing new energy suppliers network, industrial aluminum become a new energy baic level of suppliers. Join the successful Beijing new energy supplier system, on the one hand, is a new energy to the enterprise strength of nanshan baic affirmation, on the other hand also for nanshan aluminum future long-term development provides a good platform to show themselves. This is auto lightweight aluminum industry development orientation of nanshan, and build the motherland a gratifying result of the traffic power dream! After the net, nanshan aluminum can through e-commerce site baic new energy SRM control system for quotation, bidding, tendering, contract query, process control, information release, online operation, to attend the Beijing auto new energy direct public bidding and bidding procurement organization, etc. Recently, the Beijing new energy has issued orders for nan shan, nanshan aluminum respond immediately, set up the project team, held a kick-off meeting for project, advanced quality planning, at present various departments according to the project schedule is in orderly working plan. Automotive lightweighting path of professional development, nanshan aluminum will continue to follow the rules of industry development, strictly carry out the auto industry quality management requirements, fully integrated use of its own technology and quality advantages, in order to realize the motherland & other Traffic power & throughout; , & other; Traffic power & throughout; Development to make due contributions!
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